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Jetzt ist Ihr Android ein Sicherheitsschlüssel Android

Jetzt auf Android ist Ihr Telefon ein Sicherheitsschlüssel, um Ihre Konten vor Phishing zu schützen. Christiaan Brand, Produktmanager im Google Cloud Security-Team, erklärt, warum der Schutz Ihrer Identität für Android oberstes Gebot ist.

Aktivieren Sie Ihren Sicherheitsschlüssel noch heute:

Erfahren Sie mehr über Android, indem Sie uns auf folgen:

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  1. But still less secured than IPhone learn from them

  2. How to use it? The key from Pixel 3a XL in the account added. At the second stage of authentication, chrome requests the USB device there is no choice to use Pixel. On the laptop there is a bluetooth. Please HELP!!!

  3. sounds exactly like koninsegg

  4. ខ្ញុំចង់ឆាត sok leap បើកឆាតសុខលាភឡើងវិញ

  5. That’s absolutely nonsense and insecure just like Nokia 7 plus, being an enterprise android one device certified by google it was sending sensitive user information to some unknown servers in China and this was the device on Google’s android one enterprise device list, google claiming this device to be highly secure for business

  6. Could u make internal audio for screen recorders pls

  7. Crapple security ios can be hacked with sms 🙂

  8. Imagine losing your phone..

  9. How can spyware garbage be a security key?

  10. Already using it since long enough.

  11. Please bring the pixel 3 official to the Netherlands!

  12. Please, more security for the user.

    From: Colombia

  13. I'm sure that it is Pixel3a because no dual front Firring speakers and no dual front camera so I'm so sure

  14. What happens if I lose my phone?

  15. here i am….stuck in Marshmallow..
    damm you samsung developers

  16. On a different note, what is the mouse he was using at 0:36? Looks like a vertical mouse… Please let me know if anyone has an idea about it.

  17. I tried it on my iPhone and it worked .. so i hope you guys replace " your Android" to " your phone .. i tried it on my LG G4 as well .. now we need you to watch the Pixel hardware team before they mess up the Pixel 4XL with double notches

  18. But how? I don't see anything here.

  19. You can also add the security as smartphone's fingerprint instead of volume key so it will more secure…!!!

  20. Hey, Google. You are really good at "accidentally" leaking your new products

  21. how old were you when you Got to know that Android in itself has a Youtube Channel 🤣

  22. Nothing can beat iphone security!!

  23. chrome os, mac and windows, and Linux? 😪🙁

  24. Hmm… The power button on that white pixel is Orange. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL power button for the white model is usually green.

    New/beta/special edition hardware?

  25. Is that a Pixel 3a? 🤔🧐

  26. Windows 10 Laptop, here. It says my "Bluetooth is not on". But it is. And so I cannot use the feature! Please fix!

  27. Hey Android, i made my own android character

  28. I want money $10000 ta Western Union I Plano tx at Walmart

  29. My Google Assistant keeps responding when the narrator says "Google".

  30. By Google. Android 10 Q Barra de Notificação como no Android 6.0 Marshmallow . Mudem API VULKAN deixem mais rápido
    10 Anos de Android.

  31. I don't have a Google Pixel 3 or the Pixel 2… (I do have a Samsung device!)

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