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Kabinettssekretär Henry Rotich von DCI-Offizieren festgenommen

Kabinettssekretär Henry Rotich von DCI-Offizieren festgenommen.

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KTN News ist ein führender 24-Stunden-Fernsehsender in Ostafrika mit Hauptsitz an der Mombasa Road im Standard Group Center. Dies ist der maßgeblichste Nachrichtensender in Kenia und darüber hinaus.

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  1. Most of those charged in court have already budgeted their expenses to free themselves. What you need in KENYA is money.As soon as things cool down money will be paid out to put the files on the shelves to collect dust.The hunters I.e. DCI and DPP will be assigned other jobs .The cloud would have past and new 'business' will start with new people,God knows what it will be this time!,
    The excitement will soon be over and become history.

  2. I hate hypocrisy, strong government clear criminals, but this our country, ethnicity is the only weapon to defend thieves not court because court itself has no power

  3. Play with us, time is coming, will tell them what we feel through action

  4. Our judiciary is deplorable sorry to say. It’s integrity is questionable. Who has ever been jailed in Kenya despite many corruption cases we get entertained with every other day? Kenya should learn from great democracies like the US where when you steal you go to jail despite your social status. In China corruption is a capital offense where punishment is death. In Kenya you even get endorsed by the people to become their leader either a Governor or even a presidential candidate.

  5. In tanzania we managed uhuru do it

  6. Wataachiwa tu, utasikia wamepewa bail of 5mil ,in Tanzania no games played wanarudisha na mali zao kutaifishwa!p

  7. Arrest and release on bail they go loot again .

  8. Munatufuga maso nani yasaa fugwa juu ya pesa ya uma tafuteni wagiga.. 🇰🇪

  9. kumrudisha mzenzi siku 3:0658535229

  10. Financial thuggery has ever been filming Right, left and centre in Kenya, after all nothing is going on here but just public satisfaction. If any truth about this will be anything to go by, let those guys be convicted of the crimes committed ,all monies stolen be recovered and their Accounts frozen at their expenses.

  11. This Kenyan drama has come earlier this time round. We are used to watching it on Fridays. Tomorrow they will be out on cash bail as usual. And that will be the end of it.

  12. Who will clear this mess and put things right

  13. Money speaks but the fact iis not for hard working

  14. Kenya kenya is in abig mess

  15. Punguza mizigo is gaining much publicity that's why they are pulling this to divert concentration.

  16. Dpp is doing agood job the problem is with judiciary

  17. I hope cj and the group also r going to do their work…….haaaaaa
    DPP _🙏

  18. Good, go oh Haji, tumechoka na hawa wakora

  19. The validity is they want to prosecutor"PUNGUZA MZIGO BILL",what a kleptocracy govt… Shem on them ,why after referendum is on fire???

  20. This is all PR by DCI.
    He will released on 10k cash bail. And his case hearing will be moved to 2030.
    Rich criminals don't go to prison.

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