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Kanada könnte ein sicherer Hafen für Klimaflüchtlinge sein

Mit dem sich ändernden Klima wird es Gebiete in Kanada geben, die zuvor als nicht lebensfähig galten und die gemäßigter werden könnten. Einige schlagen vor, dass Kanada dadurch in die einzigartige Lage versetzt wird, Klimaflüchtlinge aufzunehmen.

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CBC News ist seit mehr als 75 Jahren die Quelle, an die sich die Kanadier wenden, um sie über ihre Gemeinden, ihr Land und ihre Welt auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Über regionale und nationale Programme auf mehreren Plattformen, darunter CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, Mobile und On-Demand, liefern CBC News und sein international anerkanntes Team von preisgekrönten Journalisten die wichtigsten Informationen, die Analysen und die Persönlichkeiten, die für die Kanadier wichtig sind.

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  1. the CBC is wacky , one day Canada is at greater risk than other countries , the next less?

  2. Climate refugees great. Islamic extremists and terrorists affected by war NO! How smart is it to welcome the very enemy we have gone to war with?

  3. The negative comments on this makes me wonder how people stay alive.

  4. The UN is running Canada.

  5. Another beauty by the CBC.. This is globalist insanity. People need to wake up and not fall for this crap. "Climate change", refugees/mass immigration, the post-nation state and one world government its all connected. Its all an agenda. You will regret it if it all comes to reality. We will all be slaves.

  6. "Climate refugees" are another corrupt leftwing policies to destroy western world.

  7. No it isn't you demented news channel its cold as the arctic in Canada so send them up to us and see how they like shovelling snow you strange garbage cbc

  8. This could be great for Canada as we might be given additional opportunities to help the world.

  9. I just read an article on CBC.

    A man had screw piles installed under his cabin.

    The piles were not made from the correct steel.

    The job did not have engineering consultation.

    Not enough screw piles were put in.

    The cabin shifted.

    And who did CBC ultimately blame for this situation?

    You guessed it, global warming!

    It’s like they’re not even trying to sound sane anymore.

  10. And the great replacement continues

  11. Canada will become a third world country.

  12. Ladies don't look to convincing here looks like u don't believe even what u are saying embarrassing video

  13. Western countries and their policy is all behind the refugee crisis around the world they destroyed their countries and to steal the resources .when the flee to their countries they become anti-immigrants wow!

  14. Certainly as people continue to ignore this situation there will be more global warming victims who will migrate into countries like the US and Canada and face the crisis directly. Stop lending money for fossil fuel vehicles.

  15. Sea levels started changing with the LIA long before mans co2.

  16. The entire premise of this piece is foolish. Sea levels have been rising at an extremely constant rate. Climate change is not affecting the rate of sea level rising.

  17. Wow!!! 'The handmaid's tale' coming to pass.

  18. how is Canada supposed to support 10's of millions of people displaced by climate change.
    Who is going to pay for this. If you open the door, then they will come.

  19. my air conditioner is not working, can I be a climate refugee?

  20. If they wanna come they should start learning English (or French), learn a valuable trade or skill for us, and maybe start paying some taxes here.
    I don't mind immigrants, i just want you to be useful and to not make me pay more taxes.
    If your country has good food that's a bonus

  21. And here's the real motive for Climate Barbie's "climate emergency."

  22. We have plenty of space further north. opening up the country more seems like a good idea. joining the people of the north with the 90% of us down at the boarder might fix the housing crisis. if there where more housing "up" north and incentives to move there we could start to fill out Canada more. the second largest by landmass and like 1 person per 100 square miles.

  23. Make Gandalf our minister of border security ''Thou shall not pass!''

  24. Roxham road is stairway to heaven for the dindus.
    Ebola buddies are doing the Congo line in record numbers right now.

  25. This is colonialist propaganda! "Truth and reconciliation! Natives have been suffering far too long and we need to end colonialism! So let's bring in people from all over the world and colonize the land all over again!"

  26. Lets be clear. Climate Refugee means anyone on planet earth. Our current government along with the EU are "incapable" of determining who is a war refugee and who fills Agenda 21 Migration Quotas. I'd be much more open to these plans if they were open and honest about population growth goals instead of trying to wrap it in propagandist nomenclature.

    However, then we'd have to have an open debate about the impact of such plans on Canadian communities, the benefits AND the costs.

  27. Canasa is secretly a home for satans?? What else is new??? Eeesh. Feel proud. Drain swamp. Pls

  28. Climate refugees ? OMFG now I’ve heard it all.

  29. Climate is just another way that the better-off part of our civilization has been exploiting the worse-off parts (wars, economic exploiting, recourse exploitation, slavery in the past, are other examples). We abuse these countries and then (based on some comments here) we dislike that there are refugees coming. CBC is correct – great piece! – now that we abused those people, we have a moral responsibility to accommodate them. We could try to reduce the impact by… say stopping pollution, oil exploitation, CO2 emissions, weapons sales, underpaying foreign workers, etc. etc.
    The bottom line is that what goes around will eventually come around.

  30. hey CBC why is Global news allowing live chat for trudeau's press conference after the Trump meeting and not you??? afraid to hear what Canada thinks of him ?

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