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Kaufen Sie kein Huawei P30 Pro: Google beendet ALLE Android-Updates!

Mein P30 Pro Unboxing:
P30 Pro gegen OnePlus 7 Pro:
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  1. Official Google Statement (pretty much what I said in this video): https://twitter.com/Android/status/1130313848332988421?s=09
    First statement from Huawei: https://winfuture.mobi/news/109020
    My P30 Pro Unboxing: https://youtu.be/sdm0yNLWabI
    P30 Pro vs Mate 20 Pro: https://youtu.be/Uvt4HMK3y-s

  2. I live in saudi arabia i want to buy huawei really badly will it have google aaps so i can download stuff i dont care if i dont get updates i just want to be able to download games and apps and songs pls answer so i can make my mind and buy it …..

  3. Lol my cousin annoys me that he has p30 pro 50× zoom and this came out🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  4. Huawei never updated their phones anyway so it doesnt matter


  6. Thanks for advertising . I will surely buy Huawei

  7. So does it mean that Google apps will continue to work on existing devices even after the 90 days limited license? Don't care about updates I only have a 100 dollar huawei phone

  8. me too, will buy the huawei P30 when the price become under $200..

  9. I bought one and getting another one

  10. Don't buy any Chinese phones. All the companies in China are controlled by the CCP

  11. And one more thing The fucking US it says China spying on them right okay what about this do you guys remember sometime later in the future you have to take the microchip so there can be no more money only to Scan with your hand do you know those microchips when they put it in you heading to spy on you 24 seven invade privacy everything and the real kicker and then microchip has the mark of the beast the 666 and everybody to have microchips and they can spy on you exactly where ever and where ever you go what about that the US college the future oh and it says you will be obligated to take it even if you don’t want to you have to check it and I will give you like up a bill you have to pay or even have to go in court oh even death yeah that time will come when everybody has it yet to take it if not they will kill you see the future check it out if you don’t believe this is for the US 🖕🏻 The middle finger is for the government who thinks this phone is spying on them not all the Americans only the government

  12. The USA is very greedy this is the United States bullshit excuse for a deal why if this is so concerned about China spying on them all this bullshit ludicrous why the hell they don’t bend it in America they have no right in Europe for examples google no good in America very good in Europe they cut them off everywhere see they can say okay you’re not allowed in America only in Europe good good but no because everywhere no more Gmail

  13. Android cannot be upgraded in Huawei phone, but security updates continue to be available.
    Can't update Android, it doesn't mean you can't install Android apps. User also can install Google play store.
    Moreover, sometimes updates do not mean good. After the update, the phone slowed down.

  14. The stupidest thing of all is that people pay around a 1,000 dollars for a phone every two years.

  15. I believe that huawei will create a new os for their phone..I mean it's China,their people can handled a company very well and never stop making money.. It will be so funny if the new os will be even more successful than ios and android , and can't wait to see Google being a crybaby asking for their crydaddy trump to do something… Highly doubted but really hope for it to happen, but hey at least I see many supporters here…

  16. I am huawei user and my future phone will be huawei too .

  17. US digging thier own grave..wait for china response..

  18. Wait so if its ban in the US then I can still buy this phone in Canada with no Google play store?

  19. This is the right time i should buy it !!bey im going to the store .bty you can root it and instal all the updates also there will be many ways to get googels working also .

  20. Huawei steals technology from US Cisco in China and Chinese government is backing it up, that's why Cisco can not do anything about it, now Huawei got banned Huawei is getting what he deserves!

  21. Middle finger for #trump and its association! Just moved to Huawei and will keep buying the Huawei's products.

  22. I think apple is just fading away…
    Samsung Galaxy has taken the lead

  23. But can you use the phone's web browser to access Google Services.?

  24. All tech companies all over the world better start looking for an alternative to GOOGLE and alternative to usa hardware and software, so they will never ever get black mailed by the usa government

  25. Its a shame that the usa government can use unethical methods to try to shut down a good company like Huawei, just because the usa government is jealous of Huawei . Huawei will come out stronger and i am still going to buy a huawei phone .

  26. Consumers dont have to obey that orange clown Donald Trump from the usa government . I am still going to buy a Huawei phone

  27. Anybody in Singapore has Huawei P30 PRO to sell me ….??? A second hand phone is fine 🙂

  28. If anyone wants to buy Huawei, please give us the middle finger, put it in our face. Do it. Good luck.

  29. Interesting everyone talks on the ban, and not about the horrible scary stuff Huawei and China have been involved with.

    Wanna lift the ban? Stop stealing, spying and killing people.

    Yes Western countries spy to keep their people safe, but they don't run the private businesses and not for the political reasons, nor stealing technologies

  30. I play pubgm using gmail to sign in. So google ban huawei, can i still use my gmail and play pubg?.i still didnt update my huawei thooo.

  31. If you cant beat emm
    Ban themm

  32. Just bought a p20 pro, 3 days before they announced this. DAMN!! hahaha. oh well…

  33. Dumb Video!!! Buy Huawei is only solution. Do you want more monopol…? Jesus some of you YT guys are.. just delete the channel!

  34. anyways….still going to buy it

  35. I clicked that "dislike" button right after I read the title. But after watch through your video, I removed my "dislike". I think you're giving all fair statements. Unfortunately, the whole thing becomes a sad story. I just bought my wife a Huawei mate 20 pro last month and we like that phone very much. I tend to buy a Huawei phone for myself when next time I need to replace my phone, but we will see. I wish that Huawei's OS is doing good in the future, so I will have a good reason to purchase from them.

  36. I love huawei. Sariling os nalang para mas orig.

  37. i go buy new huawei .the US govemment is vry envious,stop america no buy iphone stop trump

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