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Können Huawei-Smartphones noch mit Android betrieben werden?

Huawei hatte die Möglichkeit eines US-Verbots geplant: Das Unternehmen hat ein eigenes Betriebssystem entwickelt, hieß es.

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  1. UK, France and Germany are not going to be as dumb as Trump. 5G technology was not just from HuaWei. Ericcson and Nokia are tailing anyway.

  2. I wonder how much in campaign contributions Apple gave to Trump for this embargo.

  3. I want Huawei and Chinese electric devices Ron Oreo operation system (oos) app.

  4. my old laptop has win7. you don't get the latest updates and that's all.

  5. Experts from all over the world, fighting for justice, fighting for the benefit of mankind, and contributing to China's development and contribution to the world.

  6. You can see the tears in his eyes when he talks about his daughter!!
    Shame on Trump!
    He did nothing wrong and yet Trump separated him from his daughter and banned his company ! Just for 2020

  7. Haewei already won the race -5G network and made of lots $$$$$ they already creating 6G network of now!🤪👍

  8. lol Trump issue an emergency to fight a china company .. and yet he cant win .. what makes trump think he can win the trade war against the entire country of china ?

  9. We need systems from Europe and not from the USA. We need to be free in Europe. The USA are a big probleme for us

  10. We are all slaves of America

  11. Hope Huawei comes with better innovative software than Google.

  12. Huawei China evil

  13. O proteccionismo do PR Trump é dar tiros nos pés …nas mãos!! Será que é desta maneira que os EUA irão conseguir uma economia mais forte e uma dívida externa mais encolhida?? Qual será o plano B da China para esta guerra comercial,?? Os bloqueios, as tentativas de influenciar outras economias emergentes como a Indiana irão resultar?? Trump ainda fica com os olhos amendoados ao não saber lidar e como fazer e surgem as teorias da conspiração !! Acordaram o gigante China adormecida e agora não sabem como actuar com a concorrência que está a ganhar terreno em várias frentes?? !!

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