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Kotlin Tutorial für Anfänger | Voller Kurs

1. Einleitung – 04:13
2. Hallo Weltprogramm – 08:31
3. So erstellen Sie ein Android-Projekt mit Kotlin – 18:38
4. Klasse & Objekt – 24:18
5. Var Val – 29:56
6. Kotlin & Java zusammen – 32:51
7. Konvertieren Sie Java & Kotlin – 38:07
8. Dekompilieren Sie den Bytecode – 40:06
9. Operatoren – 46:07
10. Zeichenfolgenvorlage – 50:41
11. If Else Expression – 54:11
12. String-Vergleich – 57:47
13. Nullbehandlung – 01.02.11
14. Wann Ausdruck – 01.07.04
15. Loop & Range – 01:14:34
16. Liste und Karte – 01:27:20
17. Funktionsausdruck – 01:35:23
18. Funktionsaufruf von Java – 01:44:34
19. Standard- und benannte Parameter – 01:51:20
20. Zeichenfolge in Ganzzahl – 02:03:21
21. Versuchen Sie Expression – 02:07:32
22. Nebenstellenfunktion – 02:12:17
23. Überladen von Infix und Operator – 02:20:20
24. Rekursion – 02:27:05
25. Rekursion | Factorial – 02:34:46
26. Schwanzrekursion – 02:41:12
27. Konstruktor – 02:46:46
28. Sekundärer Konstruktor – 02:53:29
29. Vererbung – 02:58:46
30. Erbauer – 03:09:35
31. Abstrakte Klasse – 03:14:21
32. Schnittstelle – 03:20:17
33. Datenklasse – 03:29:32
34. Objektschlüsselwort – 03:40:09
35. Anonyme innere Klasse – 03:46:54
36. Begleitobjekt – 03:53:31
37. Begleitobjekt | Werksmuster – 03:59:08
38. Backtick als Escape-Charakter – 04.03.18
39. Benutzereingabe in Kotlin – 04.06.42
40. Array – 04:11:48
41. Liste – 04:21:53
42. Liste der Objekte – 04:30:01
43. Funktion höherer Ordnung – 04:35:15
44. Filter und Map – 04:49:06

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  1. Can you say smoother ????????????

  2. Could you add auto-generated english subtitles to this video, please? 🙂

  3. How did you get auto complete in eclipse? I have installed it but there is no auto complete so I have to write every letters, please tell me how to activate auto completion in eclipse for kotlin, thanks in advance .

  4. Y don't u make playlist…. 5 hr continues is shit

  5. I'm 55 minutes in and so far this is a very good course. I intend to watch one hour a day. I hope you create a course on how to use Kotlin to programmatically develop Android apps in the near future.

  6. @Telusko Hi Navin, I like your videos and appreciate your efforts but I found you where saying why do we use break inside switch so as per my knowledge I would like to add here with example if you agree or disagree please let me know 🙂 you opinion, I will happy to know.
    If suppose we use same method from different – different cases for examample :
    case 1: doCal();
    case 2: doCal();
    case 3: doNetworkCall();
    default :
    } in above example we are calling doCal() methods from two cases, these kind of situation we can achieve easy to avoid writing break;
    case 1 :
    case 2 : doCal();
    case 3: doNetworkCall();
    in both the cases 1 and 2 it will use doCal() method.

  7. @Telusko Sir can you please make a video on Kotlin Generics and Variance.

  8. If you can please make a full course tutorial on Android Studio using Kotlin 🙂

  9. This is the BEST tutorial I had on Kotlin. Simply awesome! God bless you!

  10. Bro,can u tell the required programming languages(which are popular and nice) to get job In USA as a software engineer,PLS DON'T FORGET TO REPLY

  11. At around 1:11:00 you ask why is there a break in the switch case statement. The optional break is very useful when you need to group conditions that require the same action. So you can write case 1: case 2: case 3: doSomething(); break; and all of those cases will do the same without repeating code. It can greatly increase readability when you need to describe a lot of conditions.

  12. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us on Kotlin! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  13. Sir Would Java be of no use in future because of growing use of Python in web dev, data science, ML, AI and
    Growing Use of KOTLIN, DART flutter in Android dev side? If it is not so plz do explain in detail the advantages of Java and it's uses in comparison to python

  14. Sir aap mahaan hain…. Salute to you….
    Only because of you guys we. are growing

  15. Indian people are very friendly god bless you!

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    May God bless your family for all the good things that you have been doing for us

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    That's why learning is boaring
    If you create sort video then learning is interesting and you get more views on it

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