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LG Gram 17 Review: Zu leicht, um wahr zu sein

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Als ich das letzte Mal einen 17-Zoll-Laptop im wirklichen Leben benutzte, war es der HP zd8000, ein echtes Monster, das ich gekauft hatte, als ich noch am College war. Zusammen mit dem Netzteil und der koffergroßen Tragetasche wog der ZD8000 zwölf Pfund, als er über meinen Oberkörper geschleudert wurde. Das LG Gramm 17 Nettogewicht? Ein Federgewicht von 2,95 Pfund – leicht genug, dass jeder, den ich halten durfte, mit der gleichen ungläubigen Reaktion reagiert hat: "Noooo." Damit ist das LG Gram 17 eines der leichtesten Laptops des Jahres 2019 … obwohl es auch eines der größten ist!

Aber wie viel ist zu viel, um das Privileg zu bezahlen, einen so entzückenden Widerspruch zu führen? Mach mit bei MrMobile's LG Gramm 17 Review, um es herauszufinden!


MrMobiles LG Gram 17 Review wurde nach zwei Wochen mit einem von LG bereitgestellten LG Gram 17 Review-Gerät erstellt. Das Gerät wurde nach Verfügbarkeit im Einzelhandel ausgeliefert und unter presstime wurde die neueste Windows 10-Software ausgeführt.


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  1. you will better battery life with Opera (support chrome extensions) when battery saver is enable

  2. Just a few things could have made this laptop nearly perfect for a lightweight mid-power laptop.

    The lack of dedicated GPU and lack of at least 3K if not 4K display. If you see the inside of this thing you can see they had lots of empty space for cooling and even a bigger battery. I would have no problem bumping the weight up to 3.5 pounds max.

    What would make this laptop nearly perfect is adding at least an MX250 GPU, 3k or 4k resolution, 17-inches is fine but maybe 16 inches like the new rumored MBP could be the sweet spot. And one last thing aside from changing that tacky looking chrome LG logo, would be to use one piece of glass that extends the entire length rather than just up to the inner bezel edge. Take a look at the Dell XPS and HP Spectre lines. The glass to edge looks very clean, modern and attractive.

  3. So, links to everything but the bag. What is the name of the backpack?


  5. We're getting it for my wife this Fall. Thank you!

  6. Why??? This laptop is pointless

  7. #mrmobile show a review of #dell (nose that show looking at) which u said in the video.

  8. I think a video about something like best 5-10 last year's flagship phones or comparing them with current flagships since they've gone down in price would be a great

  9. I think that when this get's a 10th gen i7 chip with decent on board graphics that these chips offer then this would be the time to get one, like you said 17 inches and not a true performer is meh. They could've put mx 150 i there at least.

  10. Wasted opportunity surely

  11. Why didn't LG use a few chassis struts to stop that top deck from flexing so much!

    Also we don't need a num pad, just give us a centred backlit keyboard with a larger trackpad.

    I hope they switch to Ice Lake for v2!

  12. I mean with thunderbolt 3, I'm fine with not having that GPU. Just hook it up at home

  13. Hey dude, this guy has been stealing your thumbnails, like this comment so MrMobile can see

  14. $1699.99 without dedicated GPU? Thanks, looking cheapest option with built-in windows movie maker for youtube video 😜🤣😂😁😜

  15. I still use a 2009 17" MacBook Pro the main reason I still use it because of the 17" display

  16. When my backpack feels too light I assume I've been robbed

  17. Beautiful light laptop with a lot of port. In the age of the cell phone laptops suppose to be light. The only bad thing the price is to high.

  18. It is an atrractive laptop if it is on sale for less than maybe $1,200?

  19. Are you going to review the xperia 1? c:

  20. imagine LG makes a gaming laptop and names it 'VRAM' LOL

    I accept paypal LG 😉

  21. I have no interest in using laptops anymore (my Pixelbook doesn't count)
    but I still enjoyed this review.
    Your great videos keep me up to speed and aware of tech I don't normally see.


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