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Männer entlarven Milliarden-Dollar-Betrug mit gefälschter Hardware

Zwei Männer in Kalifornien haben einen der größten Betrugsfälle in der Geschichte des Staates aufgedeckt. Bill Reynolds und Mark Sersansie stellten fest, dass Ärzte für die Durchführung unnötiger Wirbelsäulenfusionsoperationen bezahlt wurden. Der Betrug beinhaltete Ärzte, die angeblich gefälschte Hardware bei Hunderten von Patienten implantierten. Alex Ferrer, Moderator von "Whistleblower", tritt "CBS This Morning" bei, um eine Vorschau von "The Billion Dollar Back Surgery Scam: Patienten in Schmerz und Gefahr" auf CBS zu zeigen.

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  1. What other surgeries fall into this category? Back pain is so bad you would give your soul to the devil not too have it. I was upset with my doctor for not helping, NOW NOT SO MUCH. Who can you trust anymore? These people have my empathy for what they are enduring.

  2. Always get a second opinion, these doctors are greedy.

  3. loss of medical licenses coming for all. It’s ok by me if there only 49 States, we can delete a star from the flag as well. California is an embarrassment to this country in so many ways.

  4. Eternal greed,by eternal Parasite$$$ When you run in to (((Jew Doctors$))), now you need Jew (((Jew Lawyers))). Surprised that the (((Fake Media))) actually Covered it !!! 👃👃👃👀

  5. No surprise to me, I got scammed by my eye doctor for 6 years. Went to get a second opinion and the other doctor asked me why I was wearing glasses. At first I thought he was joking. He then said "you have cataracts". I now see 2020 and using reading glasses to read after my cataract surgery.

  6. Life imprisonment for the doctors without parole.

  7. Omg!!😡 Those Dr’s should get the Death Penalty!!

  8. Woohoo woooooow, what? I am speechless. Is this the USA the one known to the world as a free corruption country? That USA that is teaching other countries how to live and act???

  9. I guess being a doctor isn't enough money already

  10. Of course this happen in CA….our state government really knows how to be responsible with all those tax $s they love to collect.

  11. The politicians you elect into office, are the ones that set these examples for the health care criminals to follow. Look at the low quality of life many Americans have to live because of the quarterly report era. Disgusting.

  12. Dam it's a good thing I don't need surgery on my back

  13. Dr probably laughing at jail!! I can pay 10 million and do 5 years on jail after i get out i still have 200-300 million dollars to spend, and happily retire!!😡👊🏽💥

  14. So its okay to whistleblow salesmen in an alley but not the government spy systems? 🤔

  15. One of my business partners may have been a victim of this. He passed away a few years ago, so we will never know. He was in so much pain, he took his own life.

  16. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE but these people and lawyers are doing the same thing for money. ???? Why is it always all for money how about for helping people!!!

  17. Overall I think this is a evil scheme by some greedy individuals

  18. Absolutely disgusting, greedy, heartless and scary!!!

  19. The same should be done to those Scumbag Doctors that did that.

  20. its still happening folks.

  21. 5 years for running life's.

  22. Alex…This is the most important show I BELIEVE you will do! You got ONE state in the union…It is EVERYWHERE! A cop, a Judge, you helped many people 'But'…This is your craft, Saving Humans!

  23. Judge Alex Thank You for Always Seeking Justice Sir. Whistle Blowers Thank You for uncovering this Tragedy thAt Hurt Millions Of Patients. Patients who had this Unnecessary Surgery Sue And Live Well. Don’t Go Under the Knife Again Unless it’s Life or Death.

  24. Has this been found in Illinois? My dad had back surgery last year & passed-away 2 months later due to infection…

  25. This can happen anywhere because some unscrupulous people will do just about anything for an extra dollar.

  26. How can you be a human being and mess around with someone's back of all places…smh

  27. This is just sickening ,unnecessary invasive procedures and you used fake hardware WOW.

  28. Greeeeeeeeedy! I will be following this to the end

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