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Markieren, verschieben und streichen Sie RecyclerView mit ItemTouchHelper

Sehen Sie sich meinen kostenlosen SQLite für Anfänger-Kurs an (mit Room Persistence):

In diesem Video zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie einen benutzerdefinierten ItemTouchHelper-Rückruf erstellen, um die folgenden Funktionen in einer RecyclerView zu implementieren:
1) Streichen Sie zum Löschen
2) Lang drücken, um zu markieren
3) Ziehen und neu anordnen

Code für dieses Video:

Kurse, die Ihnen helfen, ein Android-Entwickler zu werden:

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  1. Thanks you brother, i love your and Coding in Flow tutorials.

  2. Hey mitch, is it possible to do a recyclerview in a navigation menu?

  3. Does the move function after we exit app stays or it actually is back to the previous position ?

  4. Can this be done without long press? Insert a button handle and when touch on that it moves, like on google app KEEP?

  5. Hi Mitch, do you plan on extending this series to build a method that will save the order and re-load the correct order when the acitvity comes back up?

  6. Hey Mitch, great work. When will be officially moving your tutorials to be in Kotlin

  7. Mitch I've no idea what feature enable to list like what's up one on top of other

  8. Pls add a feature on how to add comments to each recyclerview item like an alertdialog pops up then you can type anything then close the dialog when you click outside it. thank you.

  9. Hey Mitch, maybe a video on how to handle multiple view types in recycler view, although I've figured it out on how to do it but maybe you can fine tune what I've learnt.

  10. Gosh… I wish I could get back my college fee and give it to you……

  11. Thank you for your efforts

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