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MASSIVE TECH UNBOXING HAUL + Giveaway – Sommer 2019!

Wieder im Studio und glücklich, einen Teil meiner Ausrüstung ausgetauscht zu haben, die ich während meiner letzten Reise verloren habe! Wir haben ein weiteres umfangreiches technisches Unboxing Haul zu bieten und es gibt einige nette neue Ergänzungen!

Wie immer hast du die Chance, einen Gegenstand aus der heutigen Folge zu gewinnen. Melde dich einfach beim Channel an, hinterlasse einen Kommentar und folge Insta!

Tech List
13 "MacBook Pro:
Sony A7R3:
Sony Kamera Fernbedienung:
OnePlus 7 Pro:
Apple Watch Serie 4:

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  1. Finally back into the video GRIND! Ended up replacing the tech that was lost on my last trip but still dealing with the claims process. It's a bit slow but I'm just happy to share some new vids and of course the new tech that got into the studio! Let me know what your fav is and I'll pick a winner for my next episode! Thanks for being super supportive 🙂

  2. i love ur vids and would love to win the macbook pro as it would be really helpful for homework!

  3. I would love to win the MacBook Pro and good luck to everyone 😊💕

  4. I'm a designer and my favorite one for the giveaway is the Sony A7RIII because i love that camera 😀

  5. The Sony A7R3 is a beast of a camera with its super high resoloution, interchangble lens and 4K video! This is a incredible giveaway and the winner is super lucky ! I'm currently running the Panasonic lumix GX7 with the Panasonic 45 – 200mm lens, but this would be a mega upgrade! Would really love to win the Sony A7R3! Good luck to all the contestants! I'm praying for this! Good luck!

  6. The Sony Alfa 7 R3, I’m an Audiovisual Designer and I hope to win this to improve my projects! ✨


  8. I fell in love with you when you said that you support the LGBT community hahaha.
    I wish I could win the Sony A7R3 or the MSI, I ama freelance filmmaker and it would help a lot.
    Good luck to everyone who participates! <3

  9. I really love your videos and i would like to win the iphone xs max i really need a phone upgrade

  10. you do amazing tech video and you're so cute giving us all this stuff

  11. Glad to see you back, been missing your awesome videos

  12. I really love that macbook you got there

  13. Back to studio hell yeah feels like home awesome videos bro hats off as always my current fav is one plus 7 pro and MSI gaming laptop happy to win any of the prizes though hehe. Keep it going bro as always love ya.
    Waiting to win one from so long hopefully I get it this time

    Twitter handle: @pavanchaudhari0

  14. Tbh i just found your channel but amazing videos you have out of all the tech i would have to definitely choose the sony camera

  15. Nice to see you back. The MSI laptop and the Oneplus 7 pro are awesome. Super stoked for the giveaway.

  16. Newly subscribe to this channel… I love to watch your video its very entertaining. 🙂 I wish the best of luck for this channel! btw I'm your new subscriber here from the Philippines! Isn't that amazing? Haha … I wish I win nevertheless, win or lose I'm your subscriber forever! have a great day!

  17. The amazing camera and the big screen are really great for trips to take photos and consume media!! The MacBook Pro would be an awesome thing to bring along too!❤💛😊

  18. I would want to win the iPhone XS Max and the MacBook Pro because I believe it will improve my productivity! I love how airdrop really makes them the best duo!💛❤😊

  19. I really want to win the iPhone XS Max and the MacBook Pro!❤💛😊

  20. It would be so cool to watch movies on an iPhone XS Max on a trip because the screen is so large💛💛 The MacBook Pro has a great portability size as well!! You could bring your work to go!❤❤

  21. I'm looking for the camera but all of that stuff is awesome!

  22. My favorite was the iPhone and the camera. I would love to win never won anything on this channel before. I would be very grateful if I did won and I would be very happy. Thank you for considering doing this giveaway.

  23. While the MacBook would be amazing for me to start my channel with, I imagine the Sony camera would be quite helpful as well. Maybe one day I’ll have the guts to put myself out there. RIP my old Air… one day I’ll have money to replace you.

  24. I’d love to win the MacBook. My old one died and I can’t afford to replace it. It makes me a little sad because I’ve been debating about trying to start a YouTube channel but I haven’t quite decided if I have the guts to put myself out there. 🙈😊

  25. I love your background it’s so white , clean and crisp

  26. I love watching your videos and it would be a true blessing if I could be selected to win the Sony A7R3 as I love photograph and would like a camra but can not afford to buy one but above all else I hope you had or are having a great time in Japan and hope that your day has been great 😊💖

  27. Great vid! The Macbook Pro would be my favourite from the unboxing

  28. I am amazed at how positive you are even with all the tech casualties. 😉

  29. Such a great video ❤

  30. I would be happy to win the Sony A7RIII

  31. I want to win mac book or the iPhone Xs

  32. Hi, it's kinda cool to see your videos… they just pop out in my recomendetion feed and here we are… I really like the MSI laptop and hope that I win it… and if I don't, congratulations to the one that wins it. 😀

  33. That black computer in the thumbnail looks really cool

  34. I hope I get the MacBook Pro… I have always wanted one and have been trying to get one in any way possible. I hope I win… And If I do WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. My favourite is the MacBook because I need a laptop for school and it would be a lot of use to me.

  36. All are my favorite one
    Love it
    Thank you

  37. Favorite tech for this video is gonna be the Sony A7R3.

    Great quality content as always!

    Keep up those great vids!!

  38. I am still hoping that I'll be able to win the Sonu Camera, i do already have my phone and a hanging laptop 😅 i can use this camera to enhance my photography skills 😊😊

  39. Boiii! This Sony A7R3 is great. I don't understand how everybody just wants the I Phone Max

  40. thank u for this giveaway, keep making people happy:) good luck for giveaway and my favorites are iphone xs max. wish me luck

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