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Mein neuer Smart Home Tech von Dyson! (2019)

Mein Smart Home hat gerade ein tolles Upgrade bekommen! Dyson hat ein paar neue Sachen für zu Hause abgelegt und sie haben jede Menge Technik dabei! Welches ist dein Favorit?

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  1. As soon as you put the magnetic remote on the air purifier my iPad died 😅

  2. Are all your videos sponsored? No real reviews?

  3. 1. Your shirt is wearing my eyes out. 😔
    2. I see Black Clover & One punch man in the background. All that is missing is Rise of the shield hero and the circle is complete.

  4. Everyone keeps talking about the lamp, but around 4:47 he calls a convex surface concave. What has happened to our society?!

  5. Rlly wish jud could just give me the light
    Rlly want it but there is no way I would ever be able to afford that
    Keep up the good work

  6. Please do more paradise gaming episodes I love that series I subbed to your channel because of that series

  7. “A fool and his money are soon parted”

  8. tineco might be better.

  9. That vaccuum goes crazy 🔥

  10. So engineered that it's less useful than a regular one – good luck positioning it "as you like" if there is a wall involved. Next time make that pole even longer, ffs

  11. Me throughout the video looking at prices and tech….. "WHY THO?"

  12. slick new tech. good update

  13. Dyson is such an amazing innovator! I'd really like to see all of their products integrated together…and of course with HomeKit!

  14. Imma hand-me-down that lamp, make it a family hierloom

  15. you could use the vacuum to suck the bills in from the floor that Dyson dropped you for that vid

  16. Sorry , but don't be a SUPREME Version of QVC. That it trash for your channel.

  17. DUDE – PUT LINKS TO THE CLOTHES YOU WEARING AND GET PAID – I want to buy those clothes because they look awesome.

  18. Next video: Smart 1000$ candle

  19. If you gonna continue promoting these expensive stuff while your name being UrAvgConsumer I wouldn't be surprised if you start loosing subs.

  20. So this basically is a dyson ad. Thanks Uncle Tom.

  21. That lamp has to be the most ugliest design i have ever seen…and for 600$ i would rather buy a giant camping torch and move it around with my hand…screw up and sidewards…i can move it wherever i want and it wont look like its out of a construction site

  22. none of this shit is useful

  23. I see that black clover and one punch man

  24. Dyson products are only for very rich people.

  25. Where’s the Gamers Paradise 3.0?

  26. Are you rolling on thizz 😂 your voice sounds unnatural and hella stimulated 💀

  27. Uravgconsumer more like you can't afford this consumer.

  28. Dyson is paying him to say these things

  29. This a commercial for Dyson.

  30. Nah, too much money on the light.

  31. i like dyson shit, i got a vacuum and a fan, but seriously dyson, we do not need lcd screens on vacuums, and we do not need desk lamps that cost as much as a 10 year old automobile.. why does every single company have to keep growing until they no longer have a clue, cant you just stick to making good vacuums

  32. What's the tabletop on the alex drawer unit?

  33. Awesome this thing are cool 😎

  34. The average consumer? My ass

  35. i have to show my family this lamp because my vodka lamp is better.

  36. UrAvgConsumer isn’t so average anymore

  37. the problem with dyson is they are too expensive.
    The light is nothing special…it's over engineered…i wonder – does it tilt? – i noticed if you were to push it back the wall got in the way…it fact to me the light was a terrible and impractical design.

  38. So I'm getting the vibe that u peeps didn't like the price of the lamp? Lol

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