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Microsoft Build 2018 // Technologie-Keynote

Joe Belfiore, CVP von Windows, tritt auf der Microsoft Build, unserer jährlichen Entwicklerkonferenz, am Dienstag, den 8. Mai, um 8.30 Uhr auf.

Abonnieren Sie Microsoft auf YouTube hier:

Folgen Sie uns in den sozialen Netzwerken:
Weitere Informationen zu Microsoft, unserer Technologie und unserer Mission finden Sie unter

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  1. Isn’t timeline a rip off of apple’s time machine?

  2. The Windows 10 Log Center Wallpaper Looks Today More Like Not Exist Building Do You Get Euros With Not Existing Buildings On Shines For Creating The Sky?

  3. you guys don't care about our privacy you guys sell our privacy to other companies Cortana collects all the info and windows 10 collects privacy shit also

  4. m tired of hearing people with accents because I cant understand them what so ever English in America plzz

  5. This is the 3rd time that this April 2018 update has forced its way onto my computer rendering my sound hardware useless and not working. You people need to find a new profession, I'm getting sick of dealing with your public experiments in this OS! Go screw yourselves, MicroSUCK!

  6. Do not let Apple catch you up

  7. Why no mention of PWAs during either keynote?

  8. LYAU JER YI is better upon you


  10. Just give Microsoft every picture, receipt, and notification in your life to mine. No big deal.

  11. Windows Mobile with CShell

  12. J'ai honte pour les entreprises qui utilisent Microsoft

  13. By putting all of the activities in a set inside a single window as tabs, you make all of those activities mutually exclusive; you can only see or interact with one at a time. This is the total antithesis of what a set is supposed to represent – a collection of things that you are using together as part of one activity! If I have a document I am working on open, and a web page with related documentation also open, then I am going to want to see both at the same time – which means they cannot be part tabs in the same window. This UI design renders the feature totally unusable.

  14. 720p, oh you have something against 4K?

  15. After 3 years, they still have to emphasize on Windows 10

  16. The saddest build till date . Good work Microsoft.
    When's the new book coming about , 'I don't understand why the world needs build while I/O is there'.

  17. matou o Windows phone mesmo, que merda

  18. 可怜的Windows Phone跟Windows 10 Mobile

  19. Cross device is what I'm hyped the most. My phone app looks very promising.

    Also TABS across apps will be dope.

  20. Bring back windowsphone.

  21. Waiting for an Andromeda event😃

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