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Modal Bottom Sheet – Lernprogramm für Android Studio

In diesem Lernprogramm erfahren Sie, wie Sie ein modales unteres Blatt erstellen, indem Sie BottomSheetDialogFragment unterordnen. Unser Blatt hat ein benutzerdefiniertes Layout und kann über eine Schnittstelle mit der zugrunde liegenden Aktivität kommunizieren.

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  1. perfect tutorial 🙂 very usefull

  2. Sir am not able to show image in Bottom Sheet

  3. Nice Video.Sir I have created same bottom Sheet dialog but add more buttons and input fields on xml layout When I tried to open Dialog bottom sheet android show half screen sheet by default .To show full screen Dialog sheet I have to drag him from bottom to top.How Can I open fully by default.Plz give suggation???

  4. your video save my life this is great!!

  5. Try – catch 9:53 . A lot cleaner and more understandable if you check: "if (context instanceof BottomSheetListener)" and then throw exception or assign to class variable.

  6. You are the best resource for Android. Your expression is fluent. Thanks!!!

  7. The way you made this tutorial is brilliant and easy for new developers.

  8. How to change the text in the model bottom sheet programmatically ? Like I want to make a common bottom sheet layout for all my pages and want to change only the text depending upon the activity. How can I do this? Please suggest.

  9. Quick question, how can I make the bottom sheet start the animation on top of a BottomNavigationBar?

  10. Great video. I have followed your this video and your DatePicker video. I want to add a DatePicker in Modal Bottom Sheet on TextView. How can I do that?

  11. How to animate bottom sheet from rounded corners to flat corners when expanded? Thanks <3

  12. World Class tutorial, thanks!

  13. I literally liked the video at 0:15, right there I knew this is what I've looking for, Merci <3

  14. what if we want to make two different modal bottom sheet of different activities in a application?

  15. how to change a shadow color of this bottom sheet?

  16. excellent work ,save my day ..

  17. Thanks a lot sir!. I have a question, when we click "OpenBottomSheet" Button, can we pass any data or variable to "ExampleBottomSheet" java class?

  18. WOW……All time you best. Thank thanks….thnx…..Thank you so much. very good job!

  19. Vlw, FDP ! Você é pica. Youre awesome !

  20. Is there any way to call the bottom sheet button click even from a fragment instead of the main activity?

  21. hey iam getting the classbindingexception plz help

  22. Hi Great tutorial, Very helpful. I did the same. but i got the this error "Attempt to invoke interface method 'WalletMonthsBottomSheet$WalletMonthsBottomSheetListener.onBottomSheetMonthClick(int)' on a null object reference" . I called Bottomsheet from Fragment.

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