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Modernes Dashboard UI Design für Android Studio Tutorial

Hallo allerseits, ich bin Angga Risky und in diesem Video lernen wir, wie man ein modernes UI-Design für das Dashboard in Android Studio und Sketch App erstellt.

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  1. your English is like shit bro at least provide some captions

  2. Your tutorial are so much helpful and awesome.
    Also I'm working on some animation which I can't able to made still.
    Make tutorial on it also user will also like. Url is

  3. Hi bro…
    Can u show how to make a UI of a shopping app in android studio….

  4. biar itu tombolnya bisa di klik dan pindah ke activity lain gimana ya?

  5. mas, knp card warna warni itu ga pake cardview aja hehe? menurutku lbh simple pake cardview, cm pendapat aja sih mas hehe
    tp keren parah sih emg designnya

  6. Hi Angga

    How do you create illustrations, is there any course you created for illustrations?

    Thank you for all your efforts

  7. Cant we do this with Constraint layout? which is better constraint layout or nested linear layout?

  8. Please suggest me for android books

  9. cool video, I want to know how I can get the images of people with the phone. like the ones you're using with the two women

  10. You are creating static design by giving margins , please make responsive design.

  11. good work !! bring it more….

  12. Buat icon plus itu buat sendiri apa ambil dari internet om ?

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