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Moto RAZR-Impressionen für 2020! Die Rückkehr einer faltbaren Ikone!

Das Motorola RAZR ist zurück für 2020. Das Flip-Phone wurde neu erfunden. Mit ein paar Fängen.

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  1. The lighting was so bad I didn't catch the secondary 5MP camera up in the notch. It's there! So you can in fact take even worse quality selfies if you so desire.

  2. Not nostalgia for me. Purely pragmatism. I need to have the damn thing folded and shut and not going crazy a la (Huawei pSmart, Honor) when I'm not using it.


  4. Still over here patiently waiting for the a 2020 version of the sidekick -_-

  5. 1499 ???? Hehehe
    Wait until black Friday 2020 It will be 149.99

  6. And there is one feature that everyone missed: it's also a money clipper

  7. Absolute waste of money. If you need to spend this kind of dough on a phone you have way too much time on your hands, get a job…

  8. I look forward for the improvements of this device in the next 5 years.

  9. Wait 5 months it will be under 500

  10. They did the poor lighting so you could net see all the problems they need to fix

  11. The only thing, it seems you can't use a screen protector any more. What about the scratches and other things you and/or other people does to your screen? Any comments?

  12. So….. A compact phone?

  13. Ima razor fan. I may get it lmaoo

  14. When I think chin, I think Bolton.

  15. $1499 in the USA but $2700AUD. I'll pass

  16. I would never buy a phone that did not have a headphone jack.

  17. I think I'll pass and wait for them to get all the bugs out first🤔 And come up with better tech🤨

  18. I can't front I said hell no until last night seeing and playing on it I immediately paid my current phone off lol I should be getting this around feb 22 or so I can't wait.

  19. Eh, nothing that hasn’t been done or tried, not worth it, maybe the old one back for nostalgia purposes and that’s it, not that great in my opinion.

  20. I'll wait till I can get it on Marketplace from somebody who's very disappointed

  21. get back to me in like 15 years when these type of devices are also ip67 and have some gorilla glass 10 or whatever on them.

    like you ain't gonna pull that phone out of your pocket in slow motion with both hands all the time, at some point you gonna fuck up, and you are 1500 bucks in the can

  22. I will sale my wife to buy one

  23. This is a cool but niche gimmick. It's not a practical smartphone for most people, that's for sure. But is it cool? That's for sure. It's interesting how phones are getting so much smaller though. Why do people not want to have a good time watching videos and browsing the web on their phones anymore? My LG V20 is so much bigger than many modern phones that it's frustrating and now that the Note doesn't have a headphone jack there's not much left for old school phablet lovers.

  24. It was probably dimly lit because that's the conditions in which OLED screens really shine. Pun intended.

  25. He had to of been high in this vid. Red eyes… did no research on the phone.. missed a whole camera..

  26. To note the pocket thing…I don't want the screen to be bigger because folding would make it ALSO bigger and many women's clothes have tiny pockets!

  27. You need a wallet that cant fold close from the money to afford this

  28. They have backed up again on delivery 2/18/20, I hope there's not an issue with this phone seems a little sketchy? Might look into Samsung flip, hopefully it wont come to that!! Peace

  29. This is a flip phone! not that shitty samsung fold… jeez i want this Razr!!!

  30. I don't to versions of the razor from years past and I always liked it. I also joined the Apple ecosystem back in 1983 with the Apple IIc. I currently have the iPhone XS Max and I'm not all that crazy about it. In fact, I personally feel that it works poorly following the 13.x update. I feel that iOS is becoming somewhat dated With the square a little tiles. The RAZR appeals to me in a few ways and I have been looking for an excuse to switch to Android.

  31. Nice job! Thanks for the details.

  32. It's a cool phone, but way too expensive!

  33. Who holds the phone to their ear, nowadays? Yuck!

  34. I got a Coolpad.
    $100 . Does everything y'all phone do.

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