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Neuigkeiten in der Android C ++ – Entwicklung (Google I / O; 19)

Diese Sitzung wird Android C ++ – Entwicklern dabei helfen, Verbesserungen am NDK zu verstehen, die sowohl in den letzten als auch in den geplanten Jahren vorgenommen wurden.

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Referent (en): Dan Albert, Elliott Hughes


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  1. How about making it easier to use NDK in apps with thorough tutorials on how to get code to work

  2. Yea, don't start a C++ talk with ""We do not want to get any new C++ users, we hope that you will all use Java or Kotlin if you can, but obviously there are some of you who can't and we are here for you" … WE ARE HERE FOR YOU?? Lol, most C++ devs love C++. Obviously being one of the most successful languages of all time and choosing to maintain backwards compatibility comes with a price, but Modern C++ is awesome. Modern C++ > Java.

  3. "we do not want to get any new C++ users" excuse me, is it a presentation on C++ on android? so after so many years, you still not understand that some apps need c++ (game engine, VR, everything that needs performances basically)… making the NDK won't make us quit C++ but the android platform

  4. Well that was a pretty palm in the face opener. The latest versions of C++11/14/17/20 have been huge steps forward to make the language both modern and better to use. I started down the path of using C# in games, but using the latest C++ versions have been a huge pleasure to use.

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