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Neuigkeiten in Kotlin für Android, zwei Jahre später (Google I / O & # 39; 19)

In dieser Sitzung werden die Fortschritte bei der Android-Unterstützung für Kotlin untersucht. Dieser Vortrag behandelt Kotlin-Beispiele und Referenzdokumente, Anmerkungen, Framework-APIs, IDE-Unterstützung für Bytecode-Optimierungen auf niedriger Ebene im D8 / R8-Compiler und die Arbeit an der Kotlin Foundation.

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Referent (en): Jeffrey van Gogh und Hadi Hariri


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  1. video: new in kotlin.
    me: new to kotlin

  2. Does somebody know what’s wrong at 12:20?

  3. Kotlin is totally better than Swift

  4. The keyword "when" in Kotlin is super super super super POWERFUL

  5. Nice to know kotlin is going the opposite direction of proper programming. Had really high hopes for it.

  6. so what's wrong in programing12:43

  7. Really cool how he went into edit mode with JSON at 11:50. Any idea how he did that?

  8. Kotlin…totally unnecessary.

  9. Got cringed when i saw this coroutines/rx code

  10. Good presentation!

    The whole point of code contracts, a la DbC is that the contract is spec'ed OUTSIDE the function right? with pre/post conditions and invariants. So only people who look at the source will know what this will or will not do.

  11. Google: Kotlin first
    Developers: Flutter first, Bye-Bye Kotlin
    Remember Google you can not force developers to migrate to Kotlin

  12. 12:48 oooh, nice reference to a previous conference in the Kotlin Cinematic Universe

  13. The way he said it was working, and did it a while ago, was the best part.

  14. I can never get enough of these Google IO presentations.

  15. Kotlin is awesome! Looking forward to more multi platform!

  16. Is this a repost of an earlier video? What's the difference? Is it an edit? CHANGELOG please!

  17. Please put the Indonesian language so that the Indonesians understood 😁

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