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Nukleare Batterien können über ein Jahrhundert ohne Wiederaufladung halten!

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  1. So how big would such a device be to power a 100kw electrical could it replace the lithium battery?

  2. These batteries are only going to be used in military drones.

  3. how can it last 100 years with only 33Wh of power per 10g? thats not even enough to power a phone for a day

  4. and now u have handy bomb.

  5. Increase addiction hell NOO!!!

  6. i want to make my S2000 nuclear driven, that would be awesome

  7. Nuclear batteries have been along for many years. If there would have been enough R&D, we would be using them now. Surely, money is one reason why this is not the case because big corporations must make money out of every step of inovation.
    Nonetheless, good news for Tesla. They can use these batteries for their cars. 🙂

  8. Robotic arms would be awesome

  9. You mean to say a ticking time bomb?

  10. It has a lot of downsides because if It happens economy won't work

  11. Go a head and make this thing out in the market but this is bad for batteries companies they will reduce man power employees and replaced them an factory robots or robot drones driven by Online employees.

  12. So apple will finally find a way to remove the charging port as well.

  13. Idea is just awesome. But I have a method which gives you infinite energy for ever.

  14. Tony Stark’s ark reactor is finally here!

  15. And one more 1 piece 12 v nuclear powered battery will priced around 100$+ that will insane expensive specialy for third world country.

  16. Not that fast, if that battery exploded user can die instanly persistance same as grenade blast.

  17. I want to work for hydrogen as a fuel, but I am in 11 standard
    And the video is too good for fuels (from India)

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