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Oculus Quest Basics Tutorial

Willkommen bei Oculus Quest! Diese Video-Lernserie enthält alle grundlegenden Informationen, die Sie für den Einstieg in Ihr neues Gerät benötigen, von der ersten Hilfe zur Einrichtung bis hin zu In-VR-Navigationstipps.
Geräteeinrichtung – 1:10
Spielbereich einrichten – 4:32
Wartung und Pflege – 6:28
Oculus Quest mit Brille tragen – 7:04
Navigation in der VR – 7:40
Wie wirken – 8:36
So erstellen Sie einen Avatar – 9:30
Sprach-Chat – 10:10
Weitere Informationen, Hilfe zur Fehlerbehebung und Kundensupport finden Sie im Oculus Support Center unter

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  1. Can you download the oculus quest app on A Samsung galaxy s 7 edge. Because I really want this but I want to make sure I have a good phone to download the requeriments .Will it affect the profomence of the quest?

  2. I’m so excited to get one of these they look so good


  4. Let's take into account that this guy has a whole page on his phone dedicated to the oculus app

  5. how much money every game cost and there games that are free?

  6. Login with Facebook is recommended. So this way we can track you, invade your privacy, and plaster adverts everywhere you go! 😁👍

  7. I feel like I’m at a hotel watching this

  8. Let me explain something to you people. You've heard of 'computers', right? Did you know that anything you can do with a smart-phone you can do on a computer? Actually, computers pre-date smart-phones by a fair amount. You see, I don't have a cell-phone. Your life doesn't actually abruptly end if you don't have a smart-phone jacked into your skull, you know.

  9. FINE YouTube! I’ll watch it!

  10. My Oculus Quest is coming in the mail on Friday.

  11. Is ideal suported in the nedtherlands

  12. Does sunlight through windows hurt the lenses too?

  13. Do you have to have friends to play multiplayer or can you just play with randoms?

  14. Soooooo… how can I turn of the vibration of the controllers because its really annoying after you 0lay like an hour beatsabe on expert+

  15. Ha these people expect us to have friends hahahaha

  16. You know you're officially going insane for something when you watch it's tutorials before you buy it…

  17. Can I use alcohol pads to clean the lenses

  18. Haha I‘ll literally go work in the holidays just to get the Quest xD

    Never thought, that it would be so important to me to get one.

    I love VR 🙂

    i want oculus


  21. Pre-ordered two (his & hers) and I'm loving it!

  22. If only I could get one, been out of stock in UK for nearly 2 weeks!

  23. can i play the games i bought for my oculus rift on quest if they're available?

  24. Will fnaf vr come out for ocolus quest?

  25. I dont even have the headset but i still watched this video…

  26. Anyone know if there’s a way to create a power on password?

  27. Or do the games save to the account or the headset

  28. Do the apps share from one account to the other if they are on the same headset

  29. Who is wathching this but doesnt have Oculus Quest or any kind of VR!!!!!

    Not even a pc/laptop

    And actual smart friends

  30. My husband and I purchased 2, do we need separate accounts?

  31. Something that I can afford it’s just that my mom won’t let me spend money on this

  32. So I was using my Quest at a party, and someone got a nose smudge on the left lens. I've tried cleaning it using a dry cloth, but it still looks smudged. Since we can't use fluids, any suggestions for a more robust cleaning?

  33. Finally something VR That’s portable because I move from house to house and don’t have a good PC

  34. After the initial setup, do we have to stay connected to Bluetooth on our phone in order to operate the oculus quest? Don’t really like the idea of my phone’s battery constantly draining if it isn’t necessary is all. Also, will we ever have a way to setup family sharing profiles of some kind in the future maybe? Would be great to have in situations when another user wants to connect to their account on the same headset. 🙂

  35. can i download the app on my pc?

  36. What happens if you set it up with a unsupported device it said it will have problems setting up but what exactly will happen

  37. can you set up without credit/debit card?

  38. Just ordered mine I’m so excited!!!

  39. Do I need a smartphone to access this app so I can use this headset lol? I want the headset but not a smartphone

  40. I am so thankful for this vr headset because the only computer i have is a mac
    thnx oculus

  41. Please make a steam vr app

  42. Is the FOV smaller when the glasses spacer is installed ?

  43. I feel like this thing is gonna cause brain cancer. I don't put my phone by my head for 2-3 hours

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