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Öffnen Sie die Kamera-App TUTORIAL (2019 Android Camera Apps)

In diesem vollständigen Tutorial zur Open Camera App erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit Android-Kamera-Apps bessere Videos erstellen! *** KOSTENLOSER Leitfaden zum Filmen fantastischer Videos auf dem Smartphone! ► Android: ► iPhone:


► Kamera App öffnen:
► Filmic Pro (Android):
► Filmic Pro (iOS):

Empfohlene Smartphone-Videoausrüstung:
► STATIV – Arkon Stativ + Telefonhalterung + Adapter: (Amazon)
► TRIPOD ADDON – Estone Hot Shoe Verlängerungsstange: (Amazon)
► MIKROFON – RODE VideoMicro: (Amazon)
► OBJEKTIV – TECHO Universalobjektiv: (Amazon)
► LICHT – Aputure AL-M9: (Amazon)

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– Öffnen Sie die Kamera-App TUTORIAL (2019 Android Camera Apps) –

Wenn es um die besten Kamera-Apps für Android geht, ist die Open Camera App eine großartige Option – Sie können einige leistungsstarke Einstellungen freischalten, wenn Sie Videos auf Ihrem Android-Smartphone oder -Tablet aufnehmen.

Auf den ersten Blick kann die Bandbreite der Funktionen überwältigend sein … Aber mit nur einem grundlegenden Verständnis und einem einfachen Prozess können Sie mit Ihrem Android-Gerät erstaunliche Ergebnisse erzielen!

In diesem Video wird eine vollständige exemplarische Vorgehensweise für die Open Camera App gezeigt, die Ihnen die idealen Einstellungen, Funktionen, Tipps und Tricks zeigt, um Schritt für Schritt mit Ihrem Smartphone wie ein Profi zu filmen!

Schauen Sie sich die gesamte Ausrüstung an, die wir bei Primal Video empfehlen!

— dazugehöriger Inhalt —
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  1. Best explanation sir thank you

  2. Thank you for the tutorial!! This is soooo helpful. I'm gonna use this "open camera" on my next vlog!

  3. YOU ARE GREAT! Thank you so much for this info. I am starting to film my videos and this app will help me a lot!

  4. Thanks a ton !!! Is there any list of models which supports camera2 API ? I googled, but failed.

  5. Justin, can you use external lenses with Open Camera? I couldn't see how to…

  6. Do you get static noise using an external mic? I have a Pixel XL (the original Pixel). I had this problem using Filmic Pro and Open Camera. So I googled looking for a solution. What I found out was that other Android users had the same problem (not sure about iPhone). I haven't found out how to make it work on Filmic Pro, but someone suggested a solution for Open Camera that has worked well for a couple of interview style videos I have recently shot. Go to 'Audio Source' in settings, and choose 'Optimised for voice calls'. When I did this the static background noise disappeared.

  7. This guy is awesome! No nonsense. Providing helpful tips!

  8. Just a question,but how do youget back the + and – exposure square thingie lol, i somehow got it to not show

  9. Great tutorial. I'm trying to get to everything and learn much more. This will help me out and all of the ones that you sent me. How do you lock the camera before starting? Thanks, Justin. Sorry I'm a slow learner. I started using a cell phone too late and never have used the camera except about three times. Now I have forgotten so much and I'm going through all you have sent me to learn more.

  10. I wish I could lock the shutter speed but let the ISO on auto, this way I can use auto exposure at my desired shutter speed (1/30, 1/48 or 1/60).

  11. WOW…thank you…I really needed this!

  12. I made a short film with Open camera and edited in Kinemaster. Pls watch…….. https://youtu.be/aToyiqtsLXM

  13. For "cinematic" quality I would strongly recommend select "unprocessed" audio source instead of "camcorder and set noise reduction and edge mode to OFF (processing settings).
    Also, there is a few OpenCamera forks with extended functionality. HedgeCam is one of those.

  14. Wow! I must say I'm amazed. This is just what I wanted and you have it all described here. I clicked the bell icon also. Was searching for a latest video..

  15. They really should add a way to record with the screen off which would be perfect for Vloggers/Timelapse.

  16. how to edit the video through it

  17. Nice review, I will definitely try this for my next video!

  18. Note 9..For some reason the app is filming 30fps (per the info top left of screen when filming) by default even though in the settings it is set on 24fps, no idea why..it also will go 240fps, but thats it..my S7 Edge will go 24fps..must be a note 9 thing

  19. I just wanna say thank you you help me a lot with my YouTube channel

  20. I tried this app. Its great probably has more options then an average camera. Ok,now what's ghost image. 🤔

  21. Justin, as always love your videos, love the tips and advice. 👍

  22. Great Tutorial ! I have downloaded Open Camera !
    That will help so much on setting up my Videos ! Thank you for sharing this information !

  23. Excellent and very informative video. I am finally beginning to understand how set all of the options available on Open Camera. One point I discovered about some the options that the app limits the use of some options based the available storage.

  24. hi i need help finding a good wide lens for s9. any recommendation would be really appreciated

  25. Its a great video. I actually don't use camera so much,but just in case, this app is good.
    Justin. Are there any good android screen recorders with internal audio recording.
    Please reply

  26. Great tutorial Justin.
    I have open camera on my new S10+ but this really helped me with the settings and it's much better now.
    I got keinmaster for editing my card making videos on my phone and it's great, I'm debating buying it or getting something for my laptop, my hubby has sony Vegas pro on his desk top but I struggled to use it (very complicated for me).
    Is there editing software I can get for my Hp windows 10 laptop that isn't going to cost the earth €100 euro or less that I can get and is like keinmaster or camtasia….
    I'm in Ireland.
    Thanks for your advice and tutorials which are just the best help!
    Kind regards, Simone 😁

  27. This is a great tutorial! Thank you so much for creating this!

  28. under maximum file size of video it states almost all android devices have a maximum of 2GB to 4GB and my videos usually have more than 4 GB. Isn't it better for me to check the 9GB to assure it doesn't shut off?

  29. Please make a Tutorial on the Moment Camera Application.

  30. Well I have a android and I got a super good camera so I just came to check the video out… lookes like lots of people are saying "thank you justin"
    And 👍 thank you 👍

  31. Below the Frame rate option it's written this option is ignored for slow motion videos what does that mean??

  32. the selfie is not as wide .. not sure if there is a way to get that wide selfie with this

  33. Great app I started using this app a while ago I learned from your previous video thanks Justin

  34. How to control the shutter speed to shoot motion blur photos?in open camera

  35. The app is still the same

  36. Thanks for sharing. I have got many tips from you which I greatly appreciate

  37. Thank you for this tutorial, I request this video a month ago, I have the galaxy 10+ and I use open camera for almost 2 years..becouse your video long time ago. Perfect video and I was set this app wrong. I shoot all my videos for my channel in 4k…thank you Justin you are our Guru…
    From California..Frankie D.

  38. Thanks a ton for this awesome new app info video. Just one question — in my S8 plus I need to switch off recording and then change; is it the same here or we can just tap on it and change cameras 😊….because that would be a boon.

  39. I tried OpenCamera once before with my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and it gave me hard time setting up and recognizing external mic connection! It was a disaster experience. The whole event recording went messed up for me!

  40. I don’t have an android, but I’m liking because I’m a fan of you 😉

  41. Thanks for the useful information

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