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OnePlus 6T auf den ersten Blick: Der coolste Wert für Android kommt nach Amerika

Gefördert von dbrand. Holen Sie sich Ihre OnePlus 6T-Skins hier:


"Dies ist ein neues Smartphone. Es macht die meisten Dinge, die dieses andere Telefon macht. Und es kostet viel weniger." Seit fünf Jahren ist dies die Geschichte von OnePlus – aber der OnePlus 6T ist anders. Da es das erste OnePlus ist, das von einem US-amerikanischen Carrier verkauft wird, steht es einer ganzen Reihe neuer Verbraucher zur Verfügung, die sonst nicht wissen würden, dass es die Marke gibt. Und es ist das erste OnePlus-Gerät, das von Verizon Wireless zur Verwendung in seinem LTE-Netzwerk auf die Whitelist gesetzt wurde.

Es ist auch der erste OnePlus, der die Kopfhörerbuchse überflüssig macht – und wenn Sie der Meinung sind, dass das Unternehmen eine Pause von der Gewohnheit einlegen wird, den Preis für jede Generation um ein paar Dollar zu erhöhen, denken Sie noch einmal nach. Fällt der resultierende Kompromiss auf die Schwelle des "Abwickelns" oder reicht der Preisnachlass von 200 US-Dollar für vergleichbar ausgestattete Telefone aus, um den alten Ruf von OnePlus als "Flaggschiff-Killer" zu wahren? Finden Sie es in Teil 1 des OnePlus 6T-Tests heraus!


Der OnePlus 6T-Test von MrMobile, Teil 1, wurde nach fünf Tagen mit einem OnePlus 6T-Testgerät von OnePlus erstellt. Preproduction Unit mit Prerelease-Software. Einige Schlussfolgerungen können sich in Erwartung zusätzlicher Zeit mit der endgültigen Software ändern.

OnePlus stellte Reise- und Unterbringungsmöglichkeiten für einige Medien zur Verfügung, die an der OnePlus 6T-Auftaktveranstaltung in New York teilnahmen, darunter MrMobile. Es wurde keine Entschädigung für die Deckung beantragt oder bereitgestellt.

Zusätzliches Filmmaterial mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Android Central. Die vollständige OnePlus 6T-Berichterstattung von Android Central finden Sie hier:

Zusätzliches Filmmaterial mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Rene Ritchie / Vector. Sehen Sie Renes iPhone Xr Review hier:


"Much More" von Eternity Bro, erhältlich bei Premium Beat:

"Sun Shine" von Cymatix, erhältlich bei Premium Beat:


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  1. "they wanted to move the fingerprint sensor to the front for some reason"…. –__– … You mean like being able to be able to unlock your phone on a table/desk/etc… without having to actually, you know, pick it up?… Facepalm .
    Seriously man, you should have used your head for anything more than a single second there & you'd have been able to figure that one out.

  2. Set up two fingerprints, one from a side angle to your primary finger to unlock and it will always unlock in a second, it will give it a faster response for misplaced fingerprints

  3. Does it have android one?

  4. Where I live the s9 it's at 800$ still

  5. Does Cricket work with the OnePlus 6T?

  6. You spent 5 days with the OnePlus 6T but failed to notice the lack of notification led :-/

  7. Can you get it with at&t service on it

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about headphone jacks

  9. Wow 2019 and 13k likes and only 346 dislikes 😐😐

  10. would an unlocked version work on AT&T ?

  11. Just got one of these on t mobile. Love it so far everyone at work keeps checking it out.

  12. An I get this phone hooked up at metro pcs ?

  13. Is it just me or every time I see a notch I feel disgusted?

  14. Love the New Design 👍 nd yes it is my hot favourite

  15. Bro me and my brother own both the 6 n the 6t but my phone when compared to his side by side the white displayed on my phone has a yellow tint compared to the 6t and when I put the srgb n dcpi 3 mode the whites look horrible compared to the 6t almost to the point where it feels like mine has the night mode on.Is it the same for you?please let me know cause if it is should I get my 6 replaced??I have asked mkbhd as well cause I wanna know if it's just my phone or is it wide spread display issue with the 6

  16. The thing that sets the OnePlus devices apart them the likes of the S9 or LG phones is OxygenOS

  17. Worst phone I’ve ever owned. all those positive things put online is pure marketing and I've done a great job at getting ppl to think this is a well build phone. sent my phone in for a ton of problems and they tell me nothing is wrong with it never had such a glitchy phone and terrible customer service worst customer experience ever. Please save a 100 dollars more and buy a real phone i can type 6 pages of garbage on this phone but trust me when i say this NOT WORTH THE SAVING. Sure the phone looks good but it has soooooo many hardware and quality issue I doubt this phone will last a year with normal use pure garbage. I feel that am talking to a wall when i complain to the company most frustrating experience I have been in i went back to my old Iphone and oneplus is sitting in the drawer feel bad even selling it to someone else.

  18. Why don't more companies build their own OS like Apple? Tired of all these lame skins on Android. It would be cool to see some original OS come out. But then we all know what happened to Windows Phones…and they were cool.

  19. verizon, tmobile, and bigger battery and same price as 6 … A winner!!!

  20. The only thing the 6T lacks is a headphone jack and an IP6 rating. Otherwise it would be the perfect phone.

  21. What about a OP6T camera comparison with the Pixel 3XL BUT… install a Google Camera port in the OP6T for the comparison? Thoughts?

  22. No SD CARD slot ohh no

  23. A rare moment when MrMobile drops a swear in a video.

  24. Review the camera,the battery(Insurance🔋),the fingerprint scanner and flaws,(a Help and a shout out!)

  25. no compren esta marca estafa y dolor de cabeza asegurados yo, avise

  26. I would like to see a comparison to Xiaomi Pocophone f1.. You could just import a pocophone f1 armored edition for the same price as this or less even with taxes. Right??? And you get the Micro SD and headphone jack…
    IPS LCD has been around for a long time and no one complained when iphones were using it..
    So I would like to see if one plus 6T is really worth it…

  27. Mr mobile : the coolest guy with the coolest videos

  28. blutooth headphone is the way to go…

  29. people say this phone is best value. in my place the price is on the same range as galaxy note 9 and it's not even water resistant, no headphone port, no sd card slot. it seems like they started to follow anything apple does even if the user hated it

  30. you should compare it to other flagships

  31. Would you plz compare it to the mate 20 X? 😀

  32. No headphone jack? Fingerprint sensor not good? No thanks! I rather get the LG v40

  33. Hello there,
    I am currently using a Galaxy S7 and I was thinking about an upgrade.
    I am really into the Oneplus 6 even the 6T, which are cheaper than, for example the S9 Plus.
    But, wouldn't I give up too much if were to choose the Oneplus phone over the S9 plus?
    By saying this, I am reffering mostly to the camera and screen.

    What would you recommend for a good upgrade to my current phone between these aformentioned options?

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