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OnePlus 7 & 7 Pro Review Nach 1 Monat – Die WAHRHEIT!

OnePlus 7 & 7 Pro Review nach 1 Monat / 5 Wochen – Die WAHRHEIT! Dieses Video ist mein offizielles OnePlus 7 Pro nach 1 Monat / 1 Monat späterer Überprüfung! In diesem Video geht es nicht um Spezifikationen, sondern um den alltäglichen Gebrauch! Die Kamera, Akkulaufzeit und vieles mehr! Weitere Vergleichsvideos folgen in Kürze – OnePlus 7, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone XS Max, Huawei P30 Pro und vieles mehr! Lassen Sie mich Ihre frühen Gedanken in den Kommentaren wissen! 3 Monate Rückblick folgen auch!

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  1. ⬇️ Comment below ⬇️
    Which device is the best value for money? Are these the phones to beat this year? ⬅️🤔 ** Correction – Only OnePlus 7 is Gorilla Glass 6, Pro model is GG 5 👍

  2. For the people who don't know, there is a plastic screen protector on the oneplus 7 pro out of the box. They include it with the phone pre-installed.

  3. Watched on my oneplus 7, great review and it is great value for money

  4. So it easilly gets a scratch 😢 ill go for the Note 9 then.

  5. 1 Plus 7 Pro….but can I use it on Sprint?

  6. Buying a OnePlus 6t if I liked it my next one will probably be A 7

  7. Hold it there's a setting on the phone that won't let you use it for 20 minutes what kind of world in people are we producing nowadays where you can't stop doing something for 20 minutes you have to have a button on something that prevents you from using it I miss 1970

  8. What is the screen on time ??

  9. Watching this with oneplus 7 again….

  10. 7 pro because
    Gigantic screen
    12gb ram

  11. A huge upgrade for me from OP2 to OP7 12GB/256GB works like a charm and you really get alot of phone for the money. 🙂

  12. Hi. What's your daily driver these days? You know somehow I'm still not entirely convinced with my Galaxy S9+'s selfie camera. appears bit washed out. Sharpness and contrast could be better. And the performance feels "sluggish" and buggy lately since latest update. Thoughts?

  13. OP7 pro has Gorlilla Glass 5, not the latest Gorilla Glass 6

  14. I have watched this Review Video of One Plus 7 more than 6 times
    Just to make sure that One Plus 7 is Best and Hence it is proved by ASBYT.

    So Happy to Share with you sir,that I'm going to Buy One Plus 7 best value for Money and It is the 2nd Phone & Costlier Phone for me to Afford.
    Thanking You 🙏 Sir
    Love From India.

  15. I'm watching on OP 7 pro an I love this phone

  16. can we buy an adaptator or something for headphones ?

  17. I don't know if it is just me on my OnePlus 7 Pro but I have issues with YouTube when I have the accessibility mode on with the little guy in the corner. I go to watch a vid and I have a dark screen over the video that I have to press an X on every time it gets very annoying.

  18. I would say the OnePLus 7 PRO,though i have some thoughts…First of al,it's a damn cellphone,so logically,you can only expect so much from these devices.You want 400 years battery life,waterproof,shockproof,and you want the pictures of a Nikon D750 too?Well,it's not really going to happen that easily,and when it's close,it's now costing over $1000.Point being, that this phone is great,and aside from no headphone jack,i love it.Like I said before elsewhere,we have become people who sometimes want to FIND faults,which are not really there.If the phone has a good signal,decent cameras,decent battery life,and doesnt blow up,who cares about the rest?I took some pictures at a wedding,in dim light,with a Note 3,one of the best cellphones ever made,and people still marvel at the quality.They thought i had used my DSLR,and that hpne was water rated,IR blaster,headphone jack,and removeable battery…We are getting ripped off with these $1000 phones which claim to be faster and better,yet have features REMOVED.Why cant I just change and select my own battery,have an IR blaster,have a headphone jack,have two SIM slot,etc,etc,for $1000+,especially when the 7 PRO has the dual SIM,and is FASTER than ALL of the $1000+ phones????Well the 7 pro covers most of the bases,for $700………….

  19. iPhone X or 1+7? for camera ?

  20. does oneplus supports their phones with updates much better or longer than pixel?

  21. time to buy my 7pro😁

  22. Dam it look like he dropped it on the ground and kicked it across the concrete with sand crystal

  23. Waiting for the 7proT and note 10 before I pick an upgrade

  24. Please give away one phone I'm poor

  25. I wanna go for the 7 because it’s cheaper. However, I feel like one plus has made my favourite phone. There for I’m gonna go for the pro 😂

  26. this is not to be mean but why do people keep trying too one hand big phones ofcourse you can't reach it it's meant to be handled with 2 hands so you can handle the phone with no problem but I digress

  27. i just bought the 7 "normal" edition, im coming from a 3t that served me over 3years, and im totaly happy with how it workd, so the pro with special moving camera and stuff.. not my thing

  28. I had a 6T which got stolen. Was looking at replacing it with another 6T but noticed that the price difference between the 6T and 7 was not so much (about $60USD) – which made me look at the 7 model. 7 vs 7 Pro .. Price difference was really my main factor. The 7 was cheaper (by $300USD). That difference is too much to ignore. I chose the 7 model based on many reviews including this video.

  29. I'm getting about 7-8hrs on my OP7 pro easily on max settings.

  30. nobody has ever tested with the pop-up camera immersed in water

  31. I have to have amoled screens.

  32. Hi how do I Go about buying one that's what I want to know 1+7

  33. We'll I've got the 6 so I'ma pass on the 7pro and will get the next gen probably. If there's no other better option.

  34. 12:15. Are there many people upgrading their phones every 6 months?!

  35. Holly shit, the on hands shots completely sold me.. that thing's so quick & smooth… Feels untouchable. "Butter pro"

  36. Anyone know if one plus 7 will work on Verizon in the states?

  37. I didn't know esports took place on mobile.?

  38. where is the link to the camera comparison video?

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