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OnePlus 7 Pro gegen Galaxy S10 + Geschwindigkeitstest, Akku, Kameras und Lautsprecher!

OnePlus 7 Pro gegen Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Geschwindigkeitstest, Akkulaufzeit, Kameratest und Lautsprecher!

Galaxy S10 + Amazon USA Preis (Partner):
OnePlus 7 Pro USA Preis:

Test deckt Start, Spezifikationen, Akkulaufzeit, Spiele (Fortnite, PUBG), Chrome, Benchmarks (Geekbench), Fingerabdruckscanner, Multitasking, vordere Selfie-Kamera, hintere Kamera, Kamerageschwindigkeit und vieles mehr ab! Das S10 + ist die Snapdragon 855-Variante.

Instagram (gerade erst 2019 gestartet!):

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  1. Support one plus mobile phone 7

  2. OnePlus 7 Pro is better than S10 plus

  3. 1 plus 7 pro all the way.

  4. i like 7 pro my user google pixel htc one plus no samsul

  5. Disable the animations and the s10 is faster in opening apps

  6. If we don't compare then all the phones are best.

  7. battery test run it at 60

  8. 4:45 this is the snapdragon version of s10+ not the exynos
    and i knew that because it's as fast as oneplus 7 pro!

  9. I am a old user of samsung,ill buy 4 or 5 phone in 1.5 year.my daily uses phone is max7,in this phone felt some problims like over heat,auto off,data or wifi not spot properly after new update,but this phone not hang,however j6pro,j7,j1,j2 also hang in use.

  10. OnePlus only in the same performance, on the more Samsung. Sound, camera, battery life…

  11. Oneplus 7 Pro 👍👍👍

  12. Question. How many GB of ram does S10 plus you’re using have in this comparison? Because the ceramic white comes in 512GB / 8GB ram & 1TB / 12GB ram. Majority of the comparison videos use a S10 with 8GB ram to compare it to the OnePlus 7 Pro not 12GB ram S10 Plus. 🤔


    Did both have 8GB of ram in this comparison?

  13. Wtf look at one plus 7 pro price

  14. Why people don't understand one plus is just a smartphone it has nothing additional and S10 series is more than just smartphone it has deX mode so it has to handle those things as well internally, so there is no comparison here in speed or what ever fuck is going on, Samsung is the beast and always will remain.

  15. S10 plus has a 60hz refresh rate display

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