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OnePlus 7 Pro Nach einem Monat – Das Telefon, das Sie wollen ?!

Ich habe kürzlich ein Video gemacht, in dem ich dir ein Telefon zeigte, das fast alles hat, was du brauchst. Das heißt, wenn Sie die Grundlagen dessen quantifizieren, was die meisten Verbraucher von einem Telefon verlangen, leisten einige Geräte gute Arbeit, um die Grundlagen zu verstehen. Selbst wenn dies der Fall ist, geht dies in der Regel zu Lasten des Aussehens und der Garantie, dass Sie sich für zukunftssichere Hardware oder Software entscheiden.

Nun, glaube nicht, dass ich dieses Video mit der Frage beendet habe, was willst du mehr, nur zum Spaß? Wenn Sie ein Budget-Telefon haben, möchten Sie nicht viel ausgeben. Was ist, wenn ich dir sage, dass sich etwas dazwischen befindet? Ein Produkt, das entweder so oder so leistungsfähig wie Flaggschiff-Telefone ist und dessen Preis so hoch ist, dass man sich überlegt, ob man wirklich einen Midranger kaufen möchte. Ein Gerät, das von der Erfüllung von Bedürfnissen zu etwas springt, das Sie tatsächlich wollen.

Nun, ich denke das ist es. Dies ist das OnePlus 7 Pro. Wie das Unternehmen Go Beyond Speed ​​nennt und was wir als Flaggschiff-Killer kennen. Die Frage ist, ob es sich wirklich lohnt, 270 US-Dollar mehr für störende Mitteltöner wie den Pixel 3a zu zahlen. Ich bin Jaime Rivera mit Pocketnow und lass es uns in unserer vollständigen Rezension herausfinden.


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  1. I work in the cell phone industry and tend to jump from phone to phone. I've been using the One Plus 7 Pro for about a month now and It's my favorite phone of 2019.

  2. That's not true. OnePlus just spent 10 million dollars with Robert Downey Jr to advertise the phone….

  3. no such thing as a future proof hardware.. any tech reviewer knows that

  4. $200 max for me… For now Xiaomi Note 7 fits my budget…

  5. That’s why I ordered OnePlus 7 pro😀

  6. After 4 years of using the Mighty "Oneplus One", I bought the New Mighty Oneplus 7 pro. (I know 4 years is too long :p)

    Its a beast.
    Different level.

    Honestly, after using this 90hz display for a while, I could the see difference in the refresh rate while checking out other flagships.


  7. I will get this when:
    1. Wireless charging is added
    2. Better camera (Google pixel 3xl quality)
    That's it, I'll skip the next Google phone for it. I'm still on the og pixel XL.

  8. I'm torn between the s10+, p30 pro and the one plus 7 pro. I've been looking at videos on these for ages now and still cannot decide. Any help would be great. Anyone with experience of using all three? I currently use the s9+ so size is no issue.

  9. I was so close to getting a galaxy s10+ until I accidentally came across the oneplus 7pro. I hope to get one soon. Only thing that bugs me about it is no headphone jack. But wireless is the future 🤷🏻‍♂️. Btw awesome review 👍👍👍👍

  10. headphone jack needs to be easy to use

  11. I have this wonderful flagship phone. I love it but now I need to clarify and correct something you actually said in the video. I am a professional cinematographer and I purposely bought the phone to vlog and live stream in 4k. The camera is a great camera. There is no camera better than this in my opinion. The problem is not the cameras it uses. The problem lies in the camera software. I use Filmic Pro and my rear cameras (all three) as well as my front selfie camera can record in 4k. (24p, 30p and 60p). When you install Filmic Pro on this phone, the pictures come to life. So much that when I use the 48mp camera, you can't tell the difference if it was shot with a professional $4000 camera or this incredible cell phone. Hope this helps and clarifies the phones short comings.

  12. Still rocking the 1+ 5t😁🤣🤣

  13. Just WOW w/o a doubt & I hope I can aquire this beauty!
    OP= OverPowered

  14. Man your daughter is balding

  15. Video recording in Note 9 , S 10 and 7 pro is jerky

  16. really doubtful about the popup camera and the water resistance… could they both exist… how they achieve waterproofing when there is a pop-up camera?

  17. If the s10 and the 7 pro were the same price, which would you go for?

  18. Is there any battery problem in this phone?
    Please reply

  19. who's watching this video on a OnePlus 7 Pro? Meeeee 😂😂

  20. But this year one plus a little bit much money can buy that why I hate it I mean same money can buy galaxy s10 or s10e

  21. How is the call and music playback quality?

  22. Such a perfect phone but FK that curve edge display….

  23. The phone is quite heavy to hold. And they didn’t provided wireless charging when it’s NFC enabled and glass back. Or else they shouldn’t have give glass back. Because it breaks. And I still love 3.5mm jack even after I have Bluetooth earphones.

  24. I’m left handed so back button placement is great. Makes up for having to put up with the lock button always being on the right hand side.

  25. My top 3 for 2019

    #1 Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+
    #2/#3 OnePlus 7 Pro (or 7 PRO T?)
    #2/#3 Asus ROG Phone 2

  26. I just ordered one to replace my s8+. Not sure what to think but I hope I won't regret betraying Samsung. Legit haven't used anything other than Samsung ever so I'm anxious to say the least.

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