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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Vergleich | Geschwindigkeit, Kamera, Batterie, Design | GT Hindi

Hier ist der Vergleich von OnePlus 7 Pro und Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, bei dem Geschwindigkeit, Design, Leistung, Kamera und sogar die Akkulaufzeit beider Geräte verglichen wurden.

Jetzt gibt es einen Preisunterschied von 50000 zwischen der höchsten Variante des OnePlus 7 Pro und dem Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Welches ist das Beste für uns? Sehen Sie sich das gesamte Video an, um zu erfahren, welches das Beste ist.

OnePlus 7 Pro:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

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  1. Dekh bhai mujhe nehi pata one plus balo ne tujhe kitne paisa diye he lekin ye pakka he ki one plus ne tujhe paisa diya he aur me kyu one plus 7 buy karu ….hamare idhar to one plus 7 50000 ka milta he aur s10+ 53000 ka …..aur jaha tak pubg ka sawal he one plus 7 buy karne k baad bhi me pubg khel nehi sakta kyu ki naa hi isme head phone milta he aur naa hi isme head phone k liye jagah he

  2. Bika Hua insan
    One plus walo ne khreed liya

  3. Bika hai tu oneplus ke liye

  4. S10 is best China is china

  5. Wow did u just say ? Op7pro has better display than s10+ 😂👍 . You're video is biased towards op7pro from the very start

  6. And….. And…… And…… And… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Samsung s10 is much better than 1-plus😆👎

  8. Oye Samsung is best usme s amoled nhi dynmic amoled h beta bilkul fake h bc

  9. Phle maine socha justify kru s10plus ko but fir comments me dekha baaki lgo ne ise already pel rkha h ! Qki sac sbko pta h s10 + din raat subeh shaam kbhi v op 7 pro se better h !

  10. Samsung no. 1 one plus is cheapest

  11. This video is totally biased towards Oneplus he doesn't show the real pictures of Samsung Samsung camera is for better than oneplus 7 Pro look other videos on YouTube and you will surely confirm that a is clickbaiting

  12. Which should i buy Samsung s10 or one plus 7

  13. Bro ultrasonic fingerprint ka matlb bhi pata hai

  14. First thing i would like to say is samsung galaxy s10 plus is much more better looking phone than one plus 7pro, then it has a cut out amoled camera which is a very complex engineering where as one plus just uses a motorized camera which have been used before in various devices!! Samsung is much more innovative than oneplus!

    2nd :- samsung has wireless charging plus reverse wireless charging!
    Oneplus doesn't have either lol 😂

    3rd:- display wise if you see samsung and lg makes maximum phones display so i dont knkw what oneus is using! And please see the ppi of both the phone is (522)

    4th :- a camera sensor makes the photo quality better not the megapixels in daily basis! Of course magapixel matters but better the sensor better the image quality! And the 48megapixel camera sensor of one plus is of Samsung😌 with they tuned it into their phone.

    I guess Samsungs camera and image processing and the sensor is more good since it uses only 12megapixel sensor and it has 2 front facing camera and the first selfie camera which can record in 4k !

    5th :- samsungs indisplay finger print sensor is ultrasonic sensor which can be used when the phone's screen is off and with wet fingers too
    Whereas onplys just uses optical fingerprint sensor!

    So s10us is superior in this case too

    6:- samsung has head phone jack is very useful plus upgradable micro sd card options whereas one plus doesn't have any of these

    As designed and technology s10 plus is advanced!
    S10 puls is better than 7pro

    S10 plus is a flagship phone
    7pro is not a flagship it is buit like a flagship

    No offense ✌🏼 7pro is a good phone but not better than s10 plus

    Wait for the Note 10 🔥

  15. Fake comparison, should have studied before

  16. Mere pass s10 plus aur 1 plus 7pro dono bhi hai lekin s10 plus better hai

  17. No doubt definitely oneplus beat S10 Plus

  18. Chutiya hain kya.. I am using one plus 7 pro.. Samsung ka display mein koi Todd nahi

  19. s10 ऐसे ही नही है no.1 bahi s10 ko koi phone nahi hara sakta

  20. Sala janbojke aisi vdeo banie h

  21. Bewakoof dynamic display h

  22. Total crap review
    1. Even one plus uses Samsung's display and Samsung keeps the best display with themselves
    2. Saying top model of each device has difference of 50000 is vague, specs will say why the difference is
    3. Sound quality is never discussed as it is way better in Samsung
    4. Color reproduction of Samsung is better than the other
    5. On screen time of Samsung is also 10-15% more
    6. S10+, XS max and pixel 3 have the best cameras with some plus and minus. One plus is good for its price range.
    7. And a lot more

  23. 1+ seven pro isn't glass back, doesn't even have wireless charging and display 😂😂 over all its far behind galaxy s10 plus… Paid reviewer he sala fraud

  24. Kitne paise mile h oneplus ko parmote krne ke liye bika hua insaa

  25. paise zyada mile shayad one plus se

  26. OnePlus Ka display Samsung Ka hi hai

  27. Bhai chhuth bol rahe ho Samsung bahot Accha hai

  28. Bhai jaha par bhi amoled lag jata gai wo display samsung ka hi hita hai vut tum one plus lo ya samsung faida samsung ko hi raha hai because of display as in the casebof iphone x series 12k leti hai samsung ek display je liya toh socho kitna faida gi raha hai

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