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OnePlus 7 Pro: Was Sie nicht wussten!

OnePlus 7 Pro-Nachbereitung: Alles, was Sie noch nicht wussten!

FullOnePlus 7 Pro Bewertung:
Dave2D's Underwater Review:

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Videoausrüstung, die ich benutze:
Technik, die ich gerade verwende:

Intro Track: Connery von Alltta
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  1. Video not matched to the thumbnail

  2. Can you post oneplus 7 review ASAP

  3. Need the full review of oneplus 7 asap and the final conclusion to the confusion between 7 and 7 pro…..

  4. Tbh your One Plus Videos feel Biased.

  5. You Seems One Plus Fan, Promoting well

  6. Good work! Please do review flag ship killer redmi k20 pro which buries one +7 pro

  7. What's that thing on his head?

  8. Bro next one Plus gold back case means that's awesome

  9. I'm just gonna chill here with my pc and it's 2gb ram

  10. Watching this on my oneplus 3t lmao

  11. k20 pro vs one plus 7 pro🔥🔥🔥

  12. Are you having the ghost touches issue as well?

  13. I think a review of the regular OnePlus 7 is a must, considering it's gonna retail in India for 474 USD and 546 USD for the 6+128 and 8+256 configurations respectively, at the same prices they sold the 5T for.

  14. How does notification indicator works or horizon light, could u plz help?

  15. Please make a review about OnePlus 7 as well my purchase depends upon ur review

  16. Is it available the 12gb ram ???

  17. Anyone bought this on aliexpress as a global rom? never bough from aliexpress (well haven't bought a phone, never had any issues with other products there) but no clue about global rom phnoes

  18. Best looking case on a phone I've seen. Looks dope.

  19. Why dose all new cool phone comes with edges.. I so hate the edges, they disturb me while playing or watching something

  20. And where are you going with the beard MKBHD? Am keeping an eye on you.

  21. Any chance of giveaway 🙂

  22. What about warranty, if It goes in water?

  23. Hello Mark Ass Brown Lee, another time your vids pop up in my feed

  24. Currently the OnePlus 7 pro front camera pops automatically on receiving video call. It should only pop as user takes the video call.

  25. Hey! A review on the standard O+ 7 from you would be awesome. I'm probably buying it in coming weeks so it would be cool to see what do you think about it. Cheers 🙂

  26. 8gb or 12gb? Which one to buy

  27. cuman nonton beli kagak ☝️☝️☝️

  28. I need that phone in my life

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