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OPPO Reno 10x Zoom aus Japan: Woaaahh!

Wir hatten kürzlich die Gelegenheit, Japan zu besuchen und den OPPO Reno 10x Zoom zu testen. Diejenigen unter Ihnen, die nach der vielseitigsten Kamera auf dem Markt suchen, sind hier genau richtig. Sehen Sie sich unsere Erfahrungen in Tokio an, während wir einige berühmte Gegenden besuchen und dieses Telefon auf die Probe stellen.


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  1. Does the phone have camera to API support for installating GCam?

  2. 9:54 I'm tired of all these absolutely ridiculous complains about "barrel distortion". Really, really tired. If you want zero distortion, stick to the telephoto lens at all times. But if you want to capture as much of the scene as possible, use the wide angle and deal with distortion, because it should be common sense that it is unavoidable the wider the lens gets. These ludicrous whining about distortion is why LG kept shrinking and shrinking the field of view of their "ultra wide angle" with each new generation of their phones, until we arrived at the merely 107 degrees of their latest flagships. Thank goodness Samsung still dared to go really wide despite these laughable notions that an ultra wide angle lens is only good if it doesn't distort the images.

  3. The stabilization is not good

  4. awesome video to watch educate and tour +vlogg tnx @jaimerivera👌💯 hope you visit Manila, Philippines

  5. Am I the only one who notices stutters in the reno video recordings ?

  6. This is so awesome! Really enjoyed watching this 🤩

  7. Japan is wonderful and great camera footage beauty shot

  8. Why are you not putting huawei p30 pro full detailed review PLZZ PLZZ put the video as soon as possible

  9. 3:38 Japan Communist Party's posters are everywhere.
    I was in Japan around the same time as Jamie was.

  10. After the camera reaches 10x zoom is there any setting between the 10 zoom and 60 zoom or does the camera just go from 10x zoom to 60 zoom. Very very nice phone would like to pull the trigger on one

  11. If your using your girl friend as click bait then show more of her, we see Jaime too many times.

  12. This phone camera is an absolute beast! I did a video on how to shoot the milkyway with the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom as well ! Check it out on my channel and see if you're interested? Thanks!

  13. My Note FE Video record ing is better than Oppo

  14. 日本にもきましたね!!

  15. Looking at this video makes me seriously consider this phone as an option if nothing else for the camera

  16. All the girls in the video are gorgeous 😍

  17. Cant bring myself to leave samsung

  18. too many lens flares at night shots.

  19. Is that girl from GadgetMatch or Yugatech?

  20. Oppo : 10x Zoom
    Huawei : Is zooming a joke to you?

  21. That 6x and 10x on mount Fuji was beautiful

  22. Who is the girl in the yellow dress?

  23. Dont think it beats the P30 Pro yet..

  24. I found the speakers pretty lousy .

  25. Clickbait. lol. Then there's HAYME RIVERA. Hahahaha awesome stuff, Tokyo is indeed a fine city.

  26. The ear detection isn't so good lol.

  27. Apart from Apple & Oneplus. No other company seems to care about video stabilization. I like the picture quality but awful jello effect on video recording is a letdown.

  28. What happened to your fingernail? 😰

  29. Did anyone take their P30 Pro to compare?

  30. Those portrait pics were really amazing

  31. Thank you so much it is so inspiring to see wide angled shots without the distortion and I am now intrigued as to how the 10 X zoom has been created. All this incredible technology just from your pocket!

  32. Great Vid Jaime! I'm planning to visit Japan soon!!! Reno camera is beast!

  33. Awesome review! Thanks Jaime!
    Is it possible to use OPPO phones in the USA?

  34. Who else is only here because of the fine bitch in the thumbnail?

  35. You should start a tourism channel in parallel

  36. Love the phone, but I am in love with Tokyo more, thanks Jaime!

  37. amazing improvement for an overseas smartphone journey. i,m sure you had a nice trip jaime. thanks for an interesting review.

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