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Optus schaltet frühes 5G-Internet in Australien ein | Tech Man Pat

Optus hat Teile seines 5G-fähigen Netzwerks eingeschaltet, um Kunden einen ersten Eindruck von der neuen Mobiltechnologie zu verschaffen.


Ab heute haben eine glückliche Auswahl von Optus-Kunden in Canberra (die in zwei bestimmten Vororten leben) die Möglichkeit, sich für einen 5G-WLAN-Heimdienst anzumelden. Für 70 US-Dollar im Monat bietet das unbegrenzte 5G-Breitband-Angebot für Privatanwender eine 50-Mbit / s-Zufriedenheitsgarantie und verspricht, in Zukunft Spitzengeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 1 Gbit / s zu erreichen.

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  1. I have been asked many times what NBN ISP providers I recommend well here is the deal… Aussie Broadband is damn fine!

    ► Signup to Aussie Broadband with code "990911" and receive $50AUD credit.

  2. Legit internet speeds in Australia is a joke! Worse than a joke

  3. Can you stream on twitch with it?

  4. When people become sick, I hope Optus is sued to oblivion. They KNOW the risk's & they don't care. Shame on you for promoting this.

  5. Hey Tech Man Pat, you would argue relentlessly that every household needed FTTH, that the government should spend the extra money and take the extra time and just do it otherwise Australia was being held back with this multi-mix technology. Now look whats happening, potentially NBN has new 5G competition coming fast, this could devalue the NBN network, much of the network could now be running past properties to never be used or disconnected. Only good thing I see is competition could lead to the lowering/removing CVC charges and automatically raising of bandwidth speeds.

  6. I can't believe people haven't picked up on the quirky accent…what is it? I'm Ozzy but is it tainted with like yank or Canadian or somethin like that? Also anything wireless is deadly even your 15buk bluetooth headphones from bigw has potential jus sayin

  7. I have had 1000 Mbps in Brisbane CBD on Telstra 5G

  8. Are you serious! 5G will bring nothing to the table – except serious health problems. Some countries have already banned it. Like everything else it is silent but deadly. Like Asbestos and Cigarettes. The authorities cannot tell us it is safe. Telco's pay big money to governing authorities. Like Big Pharma – its all about money!

  9. The speed is great…we will all get CANCER so much faster than slow old 4G…I cant wait! Optus bears NO liability for the massacre that lies ahead for All life on Earth when 5G is up and FULLY running at full power.

  10. I saw a guy roasting a chicken on a stick in front of a 5G tower. It was really sizzling but it wasn't turning brown. The provider said that side effect is being worked on and maybe next year the chicken will brown. They said they are being hit with tones of bad side-effects but the cooking of a chicken is low on their priority list. I asked them about diarrhea and they said if I had that they would give the internet to me for free for a year. Well, I guess they're trying their best. At least I'm not going blind like so many others are. I asked them if they are putting the service into the rich neighborhoods and he said no. He said they already have the fastest service in the world. Megaopitics 8.0. 100% safe. And its only 13 dollars a month. Then he asked me if I had any metal in my body or teeth?

  11. what about the cancer and it taking our own consoiusness away from humanity and that was our birth right of freewill rights well done talking the cancer spreading radiation thats going to kill our kids yeepee its a evolution disaster but the war nuclear spreading cancer reptilians that own big pharma and humans are foolish

  12. I have a special key that will turn your 5g transmitters off….

  13. Those 50 houses will be the distributing nodes. Thats why they will get more priority. 5G requires huge network of these nodes because of which Optus plans to keep it in personal homes. Clever.

  14. I have optus FTTC with optus on the 50 /12 plan during peak time I easy get 45-48 mbps down and up to 20 mbps up I not complaining

  15. I would much prefer a faster NBN for home. Mobile devices ok but as long as it's tried and tested as a safe technology first.

  16. did they put 5G in poor suburbs first? Parliament house should be a test bed .

  17. Go to Mudfossil University and get the real info on 5G, it’s criminal to subject the population to a blatant health risk with zero testing, it’s akin to putting people, plants, seeds, animals and basically anything with water as a composition in a microwave! FOR FUCK SAKE WAKE UP!
    I pity the 2 test suburbs in Canberra, and the bottom line as always is money! Fuck OPTUS and the government for allowing this to happen for money, money won’t fix this in the end….mark my words….there will be a deadly cost for 5G.

  18. optus is still using huawei products

  19. You stupid ignorant fucking moron,search 5G dangers and learn about the devestation it will cause for human beings and all life on earth.

  20. The Australian company Netcomm Wireless also has home installed 5g products now

  21. Do you guys know that can kill you?

  22. 50 MBPS are you serious I have comcast 1G speed for the last few year's now Comcast is getting ready to Offer 2G speeds

  23. Not excited infect scared shitless, do your research on 5g dangers people please!

  24. I get 280mbps on 4g with Telstra lol.

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