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"Orient Power" $ 450 75ah LiFePO4 von Amazon.com – Test und Diskussion –

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100ah 12v Kit:

0:26 Aufbau des Batteriepacks
2:58 Kapazitätstest
4:18 Kapazitätstestergebnisse
4:32 Fazit und Vergleich mit anderen Optionen auf dem Markt

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  1. Video table of contents to save time:

    0:25 Building the Battery Pack

    2:57 Capacity Test

    4:17 Capacity test results

    4:30 Conclusion and Comparison to other options on the market

  2. Really enjoying all your videos!
    Question: I know you use the heat gun to draw down quick for these tests but….
    Now that you are in sunny San Diego..how about using like ..a 5000 btu window unit A/C instead?
    It would give a better frame of reference for real world application and worst case scenario your RV just gets really cold!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. 5:17 You build a proper mounting structure. Like your supposed to do in the first place.

  4. Thx for reviewing these. Would you recommend buying sinopoly off aliexpress? Have you ever bought from aliexpress?

  5. Well done …. again!!!
    Thank you

  6. Great job Will. I like the smaller size and aluminum jacket of this design. I want to make a multi-use pack, so portability is critical.
    About the bus bars -stamped bars are much more precise, but their stiffness can exert damaging force on the battery terminals with thermal expansion. You are annoyed that they don't just stack, but if I spent $400+ on a battery, I would build a mounting case with space for airflow between cells, temp. control and a fan.
    The biggest negative or question I have about this battery is the inferior discharge rating. Do you think this is just rating conservatively? Is there a way to test it?

  7. April Steel
    April Steel
    1 minute ago
    If a cell breaks down , and they do , you will not receive any return email or replacement or anything . They ignore you . I bought from this same guy 2 years ago and very unhappy with him . He is a corner store of many thousands over there.


  9. Would this battery be good for car audio? If not what would you recommend?

  10. Hi Will, I live on a boat and would like to see you do up a system for us. We have to have a practical way of battery use. Must be a lighter weight and too power 30 amps consistently.

  11. YOU tapered them together zo there is no heat disapaticien heat couses for earlier degredations and faster protection mode

  12. Do you sell batteries after you test them. I'm sure all of us appreciate you buying these batteries to test for us. Thanks

  13. Donde se pueden encontrar y comprar

  14. Hi, how many piece do I need to power up a 1460w 220v air-conditioner for 12 hours?

  15. For the cost savings I don't see the benefit in building your own like this. for about $200 more you can have a Battle Born with a 10 year warrantee and cells that are perfectly matched.

  16. But where do you order that stuff in Canada?

  17. Will – Your enthusiasm for these self-build solar systems is contagious! Really have learned so much… Big thanks for that… But I do have one question… Often you refer to "heat build-up" as a concern and something to watch for… both in the system electronics and wires and the causes… but when I see you taping together individual battery cells without any spacer for convective airflow/heat dissipation between the individual cells or even under your "DIY battery packs", I am left wondering if A) Wouldn't it be wise to put in two vertical non-conductive spacers between individual cells, or B) If this isn't needed, can you explain why the between-the-cells heat build-up from charging or discharge cycles is not an issue… (it seems to me as a non-science guy that you are in effect putting cells back to back which in effect insulates them and would adversely affect the life and balance of the DIY battery packs.) Thanks again for your wisdom and enthusiasm! (this applies to the cells in this video with the blue wrap over aluminum and the other recent Life PO4 cells with the black plastic cases)

  18. Your videos have gone very technical and boring compared to before you got to park your RV in that comfy place.
    Anyways, happy that you don't have to hustle for parking your RV anymore

  19. Hey Will, thanks for your videos! Could you test the batteries for a couple of charge and discharge cycles? I know it's more time, but maybe it would show more a difference.

  20. May i ask sir what is the brand of your psw inverter?

  21. Great video and you are so cute.

  22. GWL please send Will 4 Winston cells to test!!!

  23. Thank you for your channel, I'm starting to learn! I have a transit van and from your videos and your book I think I need 300 watt solar system On amazon PRIME DAY NOW (Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel Bundle Kit with 30A Negative ground Charge Controller+9in MC4 Adaptor Kit) and 200 amp hour battery
    ON PRIME DAY NOW (Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt 200Ah for RV, Solar, Marine, and Off-Grid Applications). I already bought the 3,000 watt inverter (GoWISE Power PS1004 Pure Sine Wave Inverter) that you use on your show but Im thinking….. should have bought a charger/inverter? Whats the best deal today on amazon? Should I buy today? Thank you! Just trying to save $ today!

  24. Congrats on passing 100,000 subscribers! 😀

  25. You look like short- haired Dacre Montgomery (Billy from Stranger Things)

  26. You don’t understand electricity you don’t need gauge 0 wire for 75 Amps learn wire sizes

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