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Kam über einen einzigartigen Automaten in Bangkok, der lebende Pflanzen verkauft!

Es war ein anderer und ziemlich komplizierter Vorgang, den man bestellen musste

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  1. Whaaaaat!!!😍💕💕💕

  2. One question, how to bring it back to singapore.

  3. ประเทศผมคับ555

  4. there are vending machines for everything?

  5. I just know that there is this thing in my country 🤔🤔🤔

  6. 1970: there will be flying cars in the future
    2019: plant vending machine

  7. Wow! I've just found out there's a Plant Vending Machine in Thailand. Thanks

  8. Wah traveling the world hor btw im half thai love ur vids but how u bring back to sg

  9. How can you holding camera with no hands? What kind of camera you have?

  10. Enjoying your channel very much. Watching from the USA.

  11. อยากรู้คับ เจ้าของช่องนี่คนเทศไรคับ

  12. 555 อยู่ไทยเฉย

  13. when you started to eat the plant..
    "excuse me what the fuck"

  14. Marigolds are edible and have healing properties…..wise choice!

  15. Who likes the video before even watching it? I do. 😂🙂

  16. 👍👍👍👍❤️💜

  17. Oh no, OH NO!!!! HE ATE A PLANT!!! IMA RING 911!!! (wait… he's in asia (no offense))

  18. That's great! Would love that in the US.

  19. hug me and i hug you promise

  20. I'm curious about the device you use

  21. Very interesting vending machine! 👍

  22. คนไทยยย😝😝😝😍

  23. Lol
    Didn't expect you to eat that 🤣

  24. Wait so if one box has multiple plants, technically you can remove all other plants in the same box while only paying for one plant, right???

  25. มีไทยด้วยโว้ย!!!

  26. It would be nice if they had roses or a bouquet. You could give them to your sweet heart on the go.

  27. You still ate it so you get a +1 from me

  28. There's my Dancing Bacon's!! <3 I love you guys! <3

  29. I had no idea marigolds were edible

  30. How do they keep people from taking more than what they’ve paid for ?

  31. Call me when you guys get a Wife Vending Machine!

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