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Philadelphia zieht 72 Polizisten über anstößige Social-Media-Posts von der Straße

Die Polizeibehörde von Philadelphia hat 72 Beamte wegen Social-Media-Posts, die als rassistisch, sexistisch und gewalttätig beschrieben werden, von der Straße gebracht. Sie wurden kürzlich von einer Wachhundgruppe enthüllt, die Tausende von Posten von Polizeibeamten im ganzen Land überprüft hat. Errol Barnett berichtet.

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  1. What I’m trying to understand how stupid these officers r. Y’all really think y’all untouchable. U openly writing for the whole world to c.🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. hmm is this cool and all but is this gonna solve black people killing other black people?

  3. This is nothing new, most cops are racist that's why you get no fair treatment when you need them. Their minds are already made up while going on a call depending on the area they are responding to. Most have low self-esteem, have family problems and take it out on citizens.

  4. Its not just philly the NYPD is the same way.

  5. I came across a post that people were talking about killing cops and killing their kids and there is a hundred people at least that was ok with it but that ok

  6. 72 officers placed on administrative duty… meaning they're on desk duty posting more despicable posts.. and still being paid by tax payers..

  7. I'm glad this happened. The US Supreme Court will decide this case, and it will uphold free speech.

  8. Y’all think that’s ALL? One bad apple, eh? Just think about how much of their disgusting racism has adversely affected people. Disgusting.

  9. Pure Stalinism. Won't end well for the PC crowd.

  10. The police don't need unions, or union protection; the citizens need protection from the police…
    I wish there was a way to break their unions, because the unions are causing hate and discontent
    by protecting dirty cops and denying the victims their justice..

  11. Good

    Yall can protect yourselves ✌

  12. Check out the nationwide Brady list, every state isn't participating, or their information isn't complete
    but I saw a lot of cops in North Carolina being terminated —- it's a good day when bad cops are
    terminated or go straight to jail without a get out of jail for free pass.. YEAH! Bradylist.org

  13. At some point these police officers need to stand up to all this "cop hatred" and defend themselves.


  14. The media is behind this and it’s all from the left bias media opinions being controlled by Muslims

  15. Since when is social media in control of the world wow this is bull Shizum the media sucks

  16. Just another leftist Democrat utopia. Philly is so bad I refuse to go there.

  17. God moves mountains….. So many innocent people have been murdered by them….

  18. DAFUQ like we didnt ALREADY know these MF were RACIST AND VIOLENT ummm its called HISTORY people do your research people

  19. Such bs…low rent spineless administration…🤬😡🤬!

  20. This is so sad and the truth is Philadelphia is not to only city this is going down upon. Its being done in the whole US to stupid cops who cannot control their rage from the streets. Someone get a grip on these hired hands!

  21. Nothing wrong with Death to Islam. It's free speech, even cops have it.

  22. Bunch of crybaby’s now days you can’t say nothing

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