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Project Eternal – Neues von Asobimo Über 2nd CBT für Android und IOS! CBT jetzt registrieren!

Jetzt registrieren!

Sie werden 5000 zufällige für Tester auswählen, hoffen, dass sie mich auswählen und ich werde ein Video darüber machen xD
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  1. Wek!! Snapdragon 800++ haha ntah dah.. Nunggu officialnya aja pling.. Btw dah bosen ma toram apa nih gan.. Banyak upload game2 lain xD

  2. Nice another youtuber who doesnt answer questions from his subscribers…

  3. When the android version comes…?no news yet?

  4. Monster hunters? I cant not see the diffrent where project eternal, this game can be great game mobile ever

  5. Dont got stuck in that game :))
    Hope they not remove log out botton :))

  6. The game is an updated version of avabel XD

  7. Ok Asobimo I see how you wanna do this e.e ok wp wp. My body is ready for this right now e.e

  8. Proc nya gk salah tuh 835 ke atas :v

  9. Yay support is relevant here

  10. Congrats, your phone turned into a microwave oven.

  11. Any news for english release of Avabel Lupinus?

  12. GG game but….HARD!!!
    Atleast You need full party with 1 healer, 1 tank, 2 damage dealer >.<

  13. Klo diliat liat mapnya agak mirip sama toram?

  14. Gua udah setahun nunggu nih…

  15. Done.registered already!👊

  16. Dual weilder for warrior ? Well, bet there will be lots of KIRITHOT related name lmao xD. Cmon asobi, warrior need the big daddy great sword 💪💪

    No archer or ..gunner ?? ._.

  17. so when will it be in English?

  18. I hope its like Diablo or Neverwinter Nights. I loved those games, part of my childhood too.

  19. How does one change the stuff on the registration site to english?

  20. I wish it didn't look so demanding XD I have an old rca android tablet for toram but no money for anything else. Need to tell my dad to shove his apprenticeship and get a real job so damn bad XD going months without pay sometimes.

  21. so how it work God damn it wish they could do low and put game global versions instead of beta tester

  22. Welp, i'm just gonna wait for your video :v

    Hope your luck still intact :v
    Just change your stat to full luk i guess :v

  23. is this monster hunter mobile version

  24. This is basically dungeon and dragons

  25. :v hello I'm one of the lucky players

  26. Sama kaya king of kings

  27. min 835 sdm?, kirin 970 bisa ngak bang arewzo?

  28. Di Android udh bisa yh Blum Coba sih Aku jadi gk tau 😀

  29. great, since you shared this now the chance to get the beta is lower

  30. Oalah hp ku mashed potato 🙁

  31. They will select players by lottery

  32. Btw i have the code… But i didnt have the ios..
    U want one?

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