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Realme XT Weltweit erstes 64MP Smartphone Unboxing & Übersicht

Realme XT Unboxing & Übersicht Das erste Smartphone der Welt mit einer 64-Megapixel-Kamera verfügt über ein Quad-Rückfahrkamera-Setup. In diesem Video zeige ich Ihnen auch Kamerabeispiele. Der Realme XT wird mit Snapdragon 712 SOC betrieben und verfügt über einen 6,4 “Full HD + SAMOLED-Bildschirm mit einem Quad-Rear-Kamera-Setup und einer 16-Megapixel-Frontkamera sowie einen 4000-mAh-Akku mit VOOC 3.0-Schnellladung. Realme 5 Pro Unboxing & Overview.

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  1. Glad to see this in realme xt👍

  2. Don't they give earphones for free accessory?

  3. I have buy the Realme XT but the charger you have show in your vedio is different than mine one

  4. What is the frame rate of the screen?

  5. Did you check by put finger on camera one by one, you will find first camera is not working, Realme making us fool.

  6. Comes with UK pins in charging brick

  7. Hello sir…I need your suggestion…I want to purchase good overall phone with major focus on camera..Realme XT vs Poco F1 vs Nokia 8.1 vs Nokia 7.2…Which should i buy??

  8. Pllzz make a video on Realme XT RMX1921EX_11.A.11 update.

  9. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro is the First smartphone with 64mp camera !

  10. Please review realme x2pro including its UI and software. Thank youuu

  11. Guys suggest me which phone is good XT or Vivo S1

  12. Ranjith sir u have so many phone's…,can u give me this phone for free😂

  13. Realme xt vs vivo z1x comparison please…

  14. Hi Ranjeet! Hope you are going good. I follow you for picking new phones. Thanks for those reviews. I now want stock Android phone with FHD AMOLED display, dedicated sd card, at least 4000mah batt, 3.5mm headphone jack. Please suggest.

  15. Which one is better Samsung M30s or Realme xt ??

  16. Which color is better??blue or pearl white?

  17. @geekyranjit Which one is better realme xt or samsung A50s?

  18. Realme xt dual 4g hai kiya

  19. U are advertising Realme xt and u are used for your self Apple Watch and apple mobile so how can trust on your products ?

  20. Which one is better to buy according to u Samsung m30s or realme xt

  21. Is this available in india right now? How much its price in india? Im looking for someone who can buy that for me and ship here in my country.

  22. Please do the pros n cons of realms xt…

  23. Please post the full review of realme xt

  24. Why geekbench score is very very low in realme xt..just 300 in single core and 1100 in multi core….please reply

  25. Is it worth buying realme x after xt?

  26. Which is better phone?
    Realme XT
    Samsung m30s

  27. I will go with the Realme 5 pro

  28. Who better Realme XT or Samsung M30S

  29. Pls put Realme XT pros and cons

  30. Pls put Realme XT pros and cons

  31. Pls put Realme XT pros and cons

  32. Pls put Realme XT pros and cons

  33. Pls put Realme XT pros and cons

  34. Pls put Realme XT pros and cons

  35. Please make a comparison video of Realme XT & Vivo Z1X

  36. Guys, if you are used to MIUI, then don't go for this phone. The OS needs lot of polishing and there are so many features that are missing from the ColorOS.
    From hardware point of view, the phone is very good, but OS makes it very bad.

    1) Images are over saturated (natural mode)
    2) There is no timestamp adding option to photos.
    3) Cannot sort images based on date
    4) Nighttime images has lot of noise in them
    5) Theme's are very bad.

    There are so many things I found using it just for one day.

  37. Which phone is good in terms of camera? One plus 7 or real me xt?. Help me…..
    I thought to buy this week.

  38. Poco F1 or this phone ? Which one should I buy ?????

  39. Colour os sucks why don't they replace it with stock android 🙁

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