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Redmi 7A Smartphone für Rs 6K Unboxing & Übersicht

Redmi 7A ist das neue Budget-Android-Smartphone von Xiaomi. Es verfügt über einen 5,45-Zoll-HD + -Bildschirm, wird von Snapdragon betrieben. 439 SOC wird mit 2 GB RAM geliefert und 16/32-Speicher verfügt über eine 12-Megapixel-Rück- / 5-Megapixel-Frontkamera und einen 4000-Megapixel-Akku.

Redmi 7A wird in Indien über Flipkart verkauft

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  1. Redmi 7A is good gpu, storage and size

  2. Why it is better than c2
    16 gb variant for 5799 & 32 @ 5999
    C2 is like
    2-16 gb for 5999
    2-32 gb for 6999
    & 3-32 for 7999
    Xiaomi honest pricing😘
    Though the display is little outdated realme can't hold this dragon

  3. it's like an BRICK 9.6 mm thick very ugly big chin and bezels ! BETTER TO GO FOR C2

  4. It lacks IR blaster again…..

  5. Miui 10 and 2 GB ram and 16 gb storage out of it we can use 7 gb……. even in note 5 pro after miui 10 .3.1 stable update sd card is not working properly…so sd card slot will become useless. Out of 2 GB ram pre installed app will take1.5gb ram so we will get 500 mb ram for other software . After some update it will become more slower. What happened to Xiaomi now a days Xiaomi underestimating Indian customers……….😡
    I think 3 GB ram and 32 GB international storage is little better.
    Bro if you make comparisons videos between redmi 7a and realmec2 no one buy redmi 7a that's sure.lookwis realmec2 is the winner…..
    Bro don't kill redmi 7a ….plz ……❤

  6. No IR blaster is simply a deal breaker for me. They had given IR blaster before with budget "A" series, so why remove it now?

  7. Compare redmi 7a with redmi 6a and redmi 5a

  8. Nokia 2.2 is far better than this Chinese phone🤣🤣🤣😂

  9. Is this hand support dual VOLTE

  10. Please sir, review of redmi k20 I am going to buy.

  11. Raaaanjjjjjittttttttt vai….!!!
    Kab tak box kholte rahogae!!!??

  12. Please gaming review of redmi 7a

  13. Please do comparison between Redmi 7a and realme c2

  14. Envy you guys from India getting great Redmi7A. Global version rear camera are 13mp which is same as 6A while India getting Sony IMX 486 rear camera which is same as MiA2

  15. Your reviews are arguably the best.

  16. A waste of money product c2 is far better than this

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