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REDREAM Für Android Early Look und Nvidia Shield Test – Neuer Android Dreamcast Emulator

Redream Der Dreamcast-Emulator für Windows und Linux ist fast für Android verfügbar! In diesem Video teste ich die Betaversion von REDREAM auf dem Nvidia Shield Android TV. Spoiler alarm its AWESOME! wirklich tolle Leistung auf diesem Gerät.

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  1. Since the latest Updates it performs badly with massive block artifacts on the GPD XD Plus. unfortunately I have no older version to go back 🙁
    Nvidia shield runs just fine.

  2. Anyone else having issue with Rayman 2 Great Escape?
    Every other games works, but not Rayman. Although haven't download many yet.
    Doesn't even thumbnail.
    What do?

  3. Silent scope is finally fully playable

  4. hay any cheats for it on shield?

  5. ETA Prime ! You can upload a question about how to change the 2nd disc on Redream into the game? Thank very much

  6. Can we get this on retropie yet? So excellent on my phone but its belongs on my raspberry pi

  7. How do I download this to my Nvidia shield??

  8. @ETA PRIME the one thing keeping me from enjoying emulation on Android devices is the bluetooth controller lag. Is it present here?

  9. I just loved the chankast emulator, back in 2006, it was a dream come true, even though the pcsx2 emulator was already showing signs to be a great emulator, you could play dreamcast games on your pc at full speed, so it bugs me that there is no decent dreamcast emulator for android…. yet.

  10. running sooo good on my gpd xd plus love it thanks! would have never looked without this video!

  11. $5 to unlock the resolution. Kinda ridiculous but whatever.

  12. Thanks.without me watching this and speculated that there is one for android,i actually found it lol i also bought the redream for my laptop

  13. Sweet, can't wait for the crack

  14. Great video! Is there a way to add the emulator + games to the homescreen, I guess a shortcut. Cannot find any video tutorial on this

  15. I see it on my Android Phone, bit as of now not available on redream.io or Nvidia Shield tv store. Any way to get APKon shield?

  16. I just paid for the premium version. How do I save my game though? Not sure where to find that feature?

  17. Are any Shmups playable?

  18. I've been using Redream on my Galaxy S7 since its release and I'm impressed but there are some flaws I've encountered. It'd be nice to have some more concrete information on how to use an actual Dreamcast Bios with the emulator. Thankfully the info for the Windows version helps but doesn't point you to the Android>Data>io.recomplied.redream>files folder where it needs to be placed as boot.bin for the android version.

    While Redream does give you four VMUs for games saves they are set in the first slot for each of the four controllers. This is fine for most titles but I'm playing Skies of Arcadia and it only recognises VMUs in the first controller, so I only get one VMU of saves for the game. It would be nice to be able to pick where those VMUs are.

    Being able to see the boxart for my games is brilliant but it would be very nice to be able to set the region the boxart is scraped from. Having Resident Evil 3 show up as Biohazard 3 isn't a big issue but I would like to see the boxart of the game I own.

    Also a problem for me has been the controls. Sometimes they will simply stop responding. I'll be halfway through a race in Daytona USA when all the buttons will stop responding, the screen will show I am pressing them but nothing in the game will happen.

  19. Could you compare reicast and this one new redream, I think both are good, but the winner must be only 1

  20. Wow good news, reicast is not bad as for me, I still wait for playable MAME port for Android, thx ETA

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