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Samsung Galaxy: Verpassen Sie nie einen Beat

Setzen Sie Ihr Musikerlebnis mit Media & Devices im Quick Panel fort. Bleiben Sie mit Ihrem Telefon, Fernseher und Family Hub in Verbindung.
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  1. or samsung doesnt want do invent new phones or they are making a phone thats gonna blow up everyones brain

  2. Do you ever wonder how they get the people’s arms so stiff??

  3. why is the back s10 but the front is note 10?

  4. Gonna play minecraft fridge edition.

  5. Samsung is literally trash bro. Go Apple!!!

  6. The back is S10, but the front is Note 10???

  7. Es el s11 0:13 miren como esta el modulo de cámaras de atrás como el del s10 verdad? Pero enfrente es un circulito igual que note 10 se parece a los teasers de como va a ser el diseño


  9. That's so cool well done Samsung 😁😊👍

  10. Samsung has to evolve in speech recognition, Bixby has to undergo a major upgrade, until today we do not have the Portuguese Brazilian language. Samsung has to create devices equal to or better than Amazon's Echo Dot, Echo Show, produce more Smarts devices, in other words: It has to invest heavily in automation requirements. I think of a future with everything from Samsung, from lighting, electronics, mobile phones, cleaning robots, taps and even Samsung showers, opening / closing on / off and operating everything by voice command.

  11. Who else checked out Forever Summer by Broken Halos?

  12. I usually put music on in the kitchen right before leaving too 💁‍♂️

  13. I wonder what type of mobile that The man Hold? Sometimes it appears as Samsung note 10 from the surface, sometimes it was samsung s10 of looking at cameras position from behind. Is it galaxy s11 ? It's complicated.

  14. Samsung, Samsung Note8 s8 has not received Android10 update. This leads Samsung users to a huge disappointment. Many people own the Note8 and S8. Samsung doesn't care about them and Samsung will lose many of its customers, which means that we don't buy the devices we buy from Samsung
      We will purchase Google devices for their interest in the updates

  15. I miss the headphone jack.

  16. 🎛⬜️⬜️
    look at the presentation of iphone 12 exclusively here https://miniurl.pw/iUBnrT

  17. This reminds me of a girl who tweet on a smart refrigerator.

  18. Am I the only one who noticed that the phone in the simulation is Note10 while the phone he's really holding is the S10?

  19. Has anyone noticed that he it is a Galaxy S10+ when there are shots of the back of the phone, but whenever there is a front view of the phone it is a Galaxy Note 10+? 😀 Still a great commercial, I just think it is interesting 😀

  20. All of that for only $3000000000.99

  21. SAMSUNG is the best..♥️♥️♥️
    My Mobile Samsung (Note 10+)
    My watch Samsung ( Gear S3 )
    My Ear buds Samsung
    My power bank Samsung
    My Tab Samsung
    My Laptop Samsung
    My Washing machine Samsung…
    Best Technology is ever…keep going Samsung..we Always with you..♥️♥️♥️

  22. Como assim a Geladeira tem um Celular gigante nela????

  23. is that normal in the front is a note 10 and on the back is a s10

  24. Thank you Samsung, for now I can watch hentai on my fridge while cooking

  25. I just upgraded from iPhone 5s to s8+ like 3 months ago this phones Epic

  26. Whoa samusang u guyz a Guinness

  27. They have music continuity but they doesn't have phone continuity because the guy had a S10 and a Note 10

  28. Are we seriously not gonna talk about how there's different phones showed and used like from his perspective it's a note 10 plus and from the back it's a S10 plus

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