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Saudi-Arabien will um jeden Preis einen Krieg mit dem Iran vermeiden.

Der saudi-arabische Außenminister hat Sky News mitgeteilt, sein Land wolle "um jeden Preis" einen Krieg mit dem Iran vermeiden.

Adel Al-Jubeir wies im Gespräch mit Dominic Waghorn von Sky die iranischen Vorschläge zurück, Saudi-Arabien versuche einen Konflikt zu provozieren, und nannte den Vorschlag "lächerlich".

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  1. People " Butchered " in a Saudi Arabian " Embassy "…Not acceptable too. Russia Und China will Definitely Defend IRAN.

  2. He's lying. The Wahabi's want to be the dominant ruler in the region. The Persians and Arabs hate each other. By the way, murdering journalists in Turkey isn't acceptable too. Ooh! That was the Saudis. Looking at the Saudi murderous offensive against the Iranian backed Yemeni Houthis, the Saudi armed forces are sorely lacking. Interesting how the UAE nations are warming up to Israel.

  3. It's weird how he almost sounds and acts like Robert plant when he talks..

  4. Using Reagan and Bush being aware of what was going on is not the best possible way to deny what was going on.. because we all know they knew damn well what was going on…i wouldn't doubt Bush and Cheney made secret trips to Iraq to throw the switch and juice a couple themselves.

  5. This is what happens when US does same exact crimes then they try to police the world. Im not in favor or saudi or MBS but… he is right about CIA and Bush and Regan.
    Abu graib
    Iran contra
    Iraq wmd
    These are no different than any other crimes. Its all murder and theft and looting other nations. Then wonder why people hate us.

  6. At this point they are just trolling tbh

  7. Uk are supporting these Saudi head-choppers with weapons. It is a crime.

  8. Iran will swallow your country in less than a week, if war breaks out…

  9. The killing of Jamal Khashoggi & the bombardment of Yemen tells what an Evil country Saudi Arabia is along with its rulers.

  10. Irresponsible country Saudi Arabia. For him to accuse Iran is an absolute joke. The biggest Terrorist in the World is talking nonsense.

  11. Doesn't want war with Iran? But paying other countries to fight for them.

  12. 0:19 "and we hope they (Iran) will change their aggressive behaviour and ACT LIKE A NORMAL COUNTRY". Did I just hear him say that? Saudi Arabia wants Iran to "act like a normal country"🤣🤣🤣. Additionally, the reason why Saudi Arabia doesn't want war with Iran is because The Saudi Royal family has NO chance of winning against Iran. Iran is a proper military country that is on the verge of creating its own nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia cannot even make bread without the help of Bangladeshi people. Additionally, the Saudi government has internal issues. There is a jihadist ISIS element within Saudi Arabia that wanna overthrow the king, and also Saudi shias who wanna overthrow the King. If Saudi went to war with Iran, it will inevitably create an internal battle amongst its OWN people. Iran then would just need to sit back and eat popcorn. Listening to this moron, makes me laugh.


  14. They just like killing their own people.

  15. The Saudi Government is the biggest terrorist gang ever. Rich and thuggish. Can't wait to see them fail.

  16. -9/11
    -al qaeda
    -Yemen genocide
    -isis financier
    -khashoggi assassination

    “Act normal” 😐

  17. Yeah like the US wants to avoid another 'regime change'

  18. Be a MAN. Remove your Outdated dish-cloth of "Holiness".

  19. Chopping off the heads of thousands of people in SAUDI ARABIA is PURE EVIL.

  20. They do want US to fight for them😂😂. Aggressive behaviour is funding ISIS and other terrorists in the area. Killing people in Yemen?Grand mufti calls for jihad in Syria ? Transferring money to 9/11 hijacker? Help zionists kill more Palestinians everyday by distracting the Muslims world with terrorists? People Iran is to blame.

  21. Saudi just sentenced a 13 years old to death for protesting! How this man could represent this country!?

  22. Who does believe in Mr Bone Saw.

  23. All muslim countries are a joke full .

  24. Killing 60,000 poor people in Yemen is not the act of a normal country ,Mr.Jubeir the clown 💩💩💩🤡🤡🤡🤡

  25. Saudi's cant even subdue Yemen … good luck with Iran.

  26. Al-Jubeir "Iran should act like a normal country" .Like Saudi Arabia and kill journalists in its embassy . Fool !

  27. Support Saudi from the UK.

  28. Really. So assisting Israel and the United states in provocation is wanting to avoid war.

  29. He cant even look at the camera his lies are so blatant. Now I definitely think they were behind the false flag attacks as the Yemenis are beating the Saudis badly and gave realized both land and air deterrence are completely ineffective. He should move to America before the kingdom crumbles as it's a trembling house of cards.

  30. Terrorist in chief sitting here. Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship and chief sponsor and creator of terrorism around the world.

  31. Why wearing a kitchen cloth

  32. IRAN IS A NORMAL COUNTRY what is this dude saying

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