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So fühlen Sie sich mit Ihrem Handy wie mit Android

Willkommen zur Episode eins von Android Customs! Hier erfahren wir, wie Sie IHR Android ändern und anpassen können.
Hier sind die Apps, mit denen sich Ihr Telefon etwas besser anfühlt.
Denken Sie daran, dass die Apks für die Google Feed Bridge und für das Google Phone von der Seite geladen werden müssen!

Rootless Launcher:

Google Now Bridge apk:







Google Phone apk:


# s10e

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  1. I really believe that Stock Android is the best way to use Android. What are your thoughts??

  2. Awesome Videos! 🔥
    How To Get Google Feed By Swiping Left (In Dark).???

  3. Is this applicable or possible to the Huawei Mediapad tablets too? (Including the gestures & navigations)

  4. Power shade is awesome, but it won't stay permanent. Anyone find a fix for that?

  5. At the moment i currently cannot install pixel bridge. it says Package is corrupted. Phone I'm using is the LG V10

  6. Thank you very much dude

  7. Mobile data not working bro?

  8. How much ram does this launcher takes?

  9. just wondering, the screen of your phone after installing and using the launcher looked laggy, but is it really or its nice and smooth like good old stock android?

  10. OnePlus oxygen os best and close to stock no launcher needed

  11. Wow great moves keep it up

  12. 0:40 Flexing that Autofocus 👀

  13. No matter what launcher I try, I always end back to using Microsoft launcher because of it's amazing organization and productivity

  14. Hey Nick, do you know how to add weather to your home screen date?

  15. Hi! Liked the video, good job.

  16. Who in all honesty would take a perfectly good phone optimized to use a super UX like One UI and downgrade it to stock? What's Android Q? It's just introducing the improvements that are on One UI. Seriously guys, there is a reason that Googles phones have 0.001% of the global mobile phone market and stock represents about the same percentage of Android versions. NFC, multitasking, split windows, VR support, Vulkan game support, these are just a few of the things that came from OEMs to Android. Ever since Marshmallow the Google I/O has been a snooze fest for everyone except stock nerds waiting for stuff everyone else already has. It's like buying a car without electric windows, air conditioning, a sun roof and an audio system. Downgrading a flagship phone to stock, is like taking a Ferrari and having it customised to look like a Ford Fiesta. 😉

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