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So installieren Sie Android auf Virtualbox

In diesem Video gehe ich über die Installation von Android 8 und anderen Versionen auf Virtualbox.

Im Folgenden sind die von mir verwendeten Einstellungen und die für Android verwendete VDI-Datei aufgeführt:
Ändern Sie Motherboard zu PS / 2-Maus
Ändern Sie die Prozessoren in 2+
Ändern Sie die Anzeige auf 3D und VboxSVGA

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  1. Can this method of emulating be installed on a Pendrive? If so, can I transfer files from the host computer onto the device? (music, videos, etc)

  2. on my pc its stuck at the loading screen no errrors it just does´t do anything

  3. can i play pokemon go HAHA

  4. its keep stuck at hashsign, ii cant do anything help

  5. Gracias, ahora voy a poder jugar a Clash Royale 😀

  6. after booting it stuck on black screen ,,, any suggestion please

  7. i stuck on black screen ,,,any one help me plzzz???

  8. I think it is better to install Android-based OS as secondary OS in real PC but not to emulate it. In this way it works flawlessly and the thing is, these OSes can be installed on existing partitions without formatting the partitions or data loss.

  9. What is the most stable vbox release?)

  10. This tutorial works fine on a virtual machine.
    When I did this on real hardware on a test machine I have I got an error message at boot:
    error /grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found

  11. just what I was looking for 2 weeks ago !!! Thanks !!

  12. Can you get it to actually detect your display aspect ratio so full screen mode is actually full screen?

  13. No, we'll see you in the next one.
    You'll speak at us.

  14. On older hardware, I found it better to just run one of those android OS as a stand alone OS. I have a 10 years old laptop with a Core 2 Duo T6670 processor+4GB ram, and I have been running RemixOS on it for 2-3 years. The gaming experience is comparable to flagship phones, and it is a lot smoother than running Android on virtual machine on my newer computer. Also, since it is a spare laptop which I only use to play mobile games, I am not really too concern about security.

    The only bad thing is that RemixOS had been discontinued for more than 2 years, so I really won't recommend it as your primary OS.

    For those who want to play android games on their computers, there are still a coupon of alternatives though. For emulators: Nox, MEmu, etc. (Personally, I don't like using emulators since they tend to have a bunch of ads and many of them install apps without your permissions) For stand alone android OS: BlissOS, PrimeOS, PhoenixOS (It may not be the best analogy, but these android OS to the stock android is like all those Ubuntu derivatives to Ubuntu).

  15. thanks very much chris been a while since i played that game : )

  16. Chris, will you buy an upgrade when the zen/navi releases?

  17. Why the screen was smaller than your monitor resolution?

  18. Maybe you would get better results if you give it more vRAM. I give it the max Virtual Box accepts (256MB, I believe), it's still far less than my video card has

  19. My VB hangs in Linux while trying to start Android 8 at this point !ImExPS/2 generic explorer mouse as /devices/platform/i0042/serio1/input//input6" . Anyone have any ideas how to solve this? I do have a usb mouse connected to my laptop.

  20. good alternative to bluestacks, ty

  21. Is there any easy way to get full screen? I have to use this to view my security cameras remotely since there is only an android app for them.

  22. I finally learn something from one of your videos. I'm a pro with 16 years in Linux. So nothing much in your videos, I haven't done for myself. All your videos are great. But one thing I fail at was installing Android. Of course I used a emulator a Linux distro call Android-x86 and I just fail making it run correctly. So I'm going to try this method, and very confidence that I'll get it running the way I want it with your guide in this video. So keep up the good work, we need more Linux users and I think you are creating some.

  23. Can we intall apps by installing apk file ??

  24. Does it have PlaySyore ??

  25. Too bad my motherboard does not support VirtualBox. I think you should do a follow-up that gets ARM based games working.

    Also, could you get guest additions working by dropping to a tty with ctrl+alt+f1 and running the .sh setup from there?

  26. still… in my case, mouse behavior is strange… the only thing missing is an overlay to emulate touch, like Buestacks and other emulators have…

  27. Is there any way to adjust the screen resolution? I would imagine that it's kind of difficult to get virtual box guest additions on there?

  28. Maybe use whatever Chrome OS uses to run android application (ARChon used to work)

  29. Hi Chris been watching most of your vids Great info taught me a lot keep doing what your doing awesome my friend love from wales UK

  30. Are going to show how to Set up Android arm in Qemu with gpu acceleration?

  31. You need to turn up the video memory… If you don't it might cause slowdown

  32. Anbox is a b—h to setup, maybe a tutorial on that?

  33. Genymotion uses VirtualBox as its base?! Edit:- Also give Anbox a try 🙂

  34. Official android-x86 is based on 8.1-r2 Oreo-x86!

  35. I’m definitely going to give this a go! Thanks!

  36. Does anyone know if the game Fate: Grand Order works with this setup? That game is notorious for not working with emulators. Nox works hard to make it work but Nox isn't nearly as clean as this.

  37. I installed Kali linux on Windows subsystem for linux (just for shits and giggles). I installed the xfce desktop and it ran fine, but Windows didn't like it much, it blue screened a couple of times.

  38. Does this also work with Hyper-V?

  39. Works great, except for one thing. I have a swedish keyboard and even if I change to Swedish language on the Android machine it doesn't change to Swedish keyboard. I can't write the @ sign for example.

  40. Thank you, Chris. Very useful and much better than an emulator.

  41. I think you are a telemetry, Chris. I just installed android on virtualbox several hours ago.

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