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So laden Sie einen Juul ohne Ladegerät auf (mit einem Android-Ladegerät)

Kaufen Sie hier ein neues magnetisches Ladegerät:

Wenn Sie Ihr Ladegerät verlieren und es nicht finden können, zeigt Ihnen dieses Video, wie Sie es mit einem beliebigen Android-USB-Ladegerät selbst herstellen können.

Danke fürs zuschauen! Ich hoffe du hast heute etwas gelernt. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Fragen, Kommentare oder Schwierigkeiten haben, kommentieren Sie bitte unten und ich werde versuchen, Ihnen zu helfen!

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  1. Updated video with an easy way to keep the wires attached to the JUUL : https://youtu.be/aEaskUvDqNU

  2. You saved my day. I didn't want to hold the wire on the juul so I used a magnet to hold the wires down, just like the juul charger. Has to be a magnet covered in plastic. I used my magnetic stud finder at work

  3. You all are some feens lmao

  4. It works Guys!!! Took me sometime but I figured it out!!! Thanks man I was feening for some Nic 😂

  5. Does it charge it all the way can some one tell me please cuz need to know

  6. It charges mine it just dosent put mine on green idk y is it stuck on red or sum

  7. What can I do to make it stay ?

  8. thx u alot i left my charger in california im in canada rn and im to lazy to buy a new one

  9. Thank you so much 🙌🏻

  10. Yo man I kinda need a juul charger, do you think you can hook my up with one

  11. can someone buy me one, I will love you

  12. i got rly happy that this started working till it caught on fire

  13. It really works. Just did it

  14. Ty, I found my cousin's juul and it was dead, tysm!!

  15. So I my cord doesn’t have a black wire could I use red&white??

  16. Thanks bro, lost my charger on the day I bought my juul. 100% works for anyone wondering

  17. I feel so fucking dumb I cut the ring side of the cord FML

  18. I appreciate this video so much

  19. the first time i tried this it worked then i just tried today and it said it was charging but wouldn’t charge and now it won’t even turn on

  20. i’m shook that shit worked

  21. Hahaha was at work, forgot mine home. Had no car, nobody with a spare one. Improvised #mcgyver style as this dude shows here and… JUULing in da hood again #lol

  22. How much times do she say just like so

  23. hope you have home owners insurance XD

  24. Where’s the link of that juul charger fam??

  25. I cant believe this actually works!!!! It totally does. I tried it and it works

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