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So verwenden Sie Beats Powerbeats Pro mit einem Android-Handy

In diesem Video zeigt Ihnen Cam, wie Sie Ihre Powerbeats Pro (oder AirPods) manuell mit einem Android-Telefon koppeln und welche Funktionen Sie erhalten (oder verpassen).

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  1. i can launch google assistant no problem. i just cant figure out how to check the battery
    :UPDATE: there is an app called airbattery

  2. True will be working in android ?

  3. "What you don't get is the ability to launch Siri or any other assistant"
    Wrong. When you hold the Beats button down for the first time it gives you the option to designate that to launch Google assistant or Bixby. Do better

  4. And audio input? Mic? Calling?,

  5. what about the equalizer on android when using the headphones

  6. They need a companion app or it’s not worth it.

  7. How do you check the battery level?

  8. What about auto play/pause? Does that work? Can you use one earbud at a time on an Android phone? What about sound quality and latency? Is it worse on Android?

  9. So I can't say " Hey Google" with these??? 😭

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