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Soll ich OnePlus 7 Pro kaufen?

Soll ich OnePlus 7 Pro kaufen? Haben Sie sich diese Frage gestellt? In diesem Video diskutieren wir verschiedene Gründe, warum Sie den Kauf des OnePlus 7 Pro in Betracht ziehen sollten. Das OnePlus 7 Pro ist ab sofort für 669 US-Dollar erhältlich und bietet ein 6,67-Zoll-Fluid-amOLED-Display, Snapdragon 855, 6-12 GB RAM und eine Dreifachkamera mit Pop-up-Selfie-Kamera Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Erfahrungen weiter unten im Kommentarbereich dieses Videos mit. Weitere Fragen sind willkommen und wir freuen uns wie immer über den Inhalt:)

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  1. Should I Buy OnePlus 7 Pro? If you asked yourself this question and haven't decided, this video is for you! Enjoy the content 🙂

  2. I already bought it,idk why i am still watching videos about it, this phone does these things to you!!

  3. Can you connect a jack to usb adaptor?

  4. With ghost touches,, having to unlock it twice to sometimes make app drawer appear,,,top edge unresponsive,,, messaging keyboard not showing up aswell as users on forums saying they'res died overnight,,, no thanks,,, returning it today!!… A lot of people can't see the difference with 90mz either

  5. Bro, oneplus 7 pro is faster than the Iphone in every terms besides of gaming

  6. Am a big fan of oneplus💕💕💕… My experience and opinion was it was a fastest and smoothest mobile phone in the world

  7. dont forget the Mi 9 and the K20Pro… both significantly cheaper

  8. Imagine buying a xr with less than 1080p over this


  10. if you are looking to finally get into some flagship features and amazing speed at a more slightly affordable price and don't really care much for the 'meh' camera quality, then yes, you should get the 7 Pro.

  11. mine will arrive this Tuesday 👍🙂👍

  12. Wireless charging is the biggest gimmick

  13. touch id sensor doesn't work every time. For some reason sometimes it doesn't recognize my finger print. Finger and screen was clean and i hadn't removed original film from screen after buying it.

  14. I'm thinking to buy from
    OnePlus 7pro from china store
    Around 128$ less
    Cheaper than US store
    I bought first
    OnePlus one Chinese version
    ROM was Cyanogenmod
    Everything was working great including 4G
    No different between international version
    AnyOne bought OnePlus 7 pro
    from china store ?

  15. why they don´t offer a smaller version like s10e? I hate how big phones become and I have quite big hands.

  16. Nope, because there is a better option now: zenfone6!!

  17. The lack of headphone jack is the only deal-breaker for me.

  18. IMO OnePlus 7 pro is not the best phone you can buy, there are other phones that will give you the same experience for much less.

  19. If this phone has back door to upload your info to China Government

  20. I mean, Taking a Shower, having breakfast AND lunch in 15-20 minutes is the most impressive thing ive heard in this video lol

  21. the reason why u should buy op7 pro is supporting innovative tech companies that gives u value for ur money instead of an LCD screen for 750$

  22. How do you get Pixel clock/temp icon on homescreen?

  23. After using it for close to a week I'm loving this phone more and more

  24. Can't wait for phones to get smaller

  25. No 3.5mm jack. No memory card slot. Moving parts (like example samsung fold and it cost x3 times) and other cool stuff. So no no to oneplus7 pro

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