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Sollte Huawei Bedenken haben, vom Android-Betriebssystem von Google abgeschnitten zu werden?

Huawei hat gerade zwei neue Smartphones unter der Marke Honor mit Android 9 Pie auf den Markt gebracht. Wird die Abschaltung vom Google-Ökosystem die Attraktivität von Huawei-Handys für globale Käufer verringern? Hier ist ein Zeitstrahl der US-Exportbeschränkungssaga, die sich auf Huawei ausgewirkt hat.

Kommentar: Verzögerung des Huawei-Verbots bedeutet nicht viel, wird nicht lange anhalten
– Nach Huawei könnten die USA das chinesische Unternehmen für Überwachungstechnologie auf die schwarze Liste setzen: Berichte

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  1. Can't wait to get rid of Google yuppppppy

  2. I found huwawei much more better than heat up hanging itunes bug iphone. Huwawei saved me from pressing 10kg center button thousand times a day.

  3. I am waiting to see Huawei's os and hope will not be a copy of android

  4. Huawei should come up with a os dev team …..

  5. Let the company die a quiet death

  6. Are. We winning yet??!! LOl🎪🎪🎉🎉🎉🐩🇺🇸🐩

  7. Huawei phone will be hot cakes when under ground business starts to use unlock flash version to avoid US spy on them…..

  8. It's only a question of competition. Huawei is the first to use 5g. This will be a blessing for Huawei. They will develop there own os and there own Google, perhaps better.
    This will have a huge impact on American economy in the months to come.

  9. Government? Really? Isn't it more like Google being too frustrated with Huawei and China? I mean Google is being banned from China while China is profiting from Google technologies. Google getting US government to do something about it sounds like a blow back invitation. It had to be the US government getting Google to do something.

  10. It's funny, every single Huawei phone I see looks like another phone some other big company has made already, this one even has the Samsung s10's little camera black spot

  11. China should close all apple production facilities in China until the US government is willing to talk.

  12. China products are not secured.

    Very fearful

  13. All the other morons in the comment section are expecting huawei to develop something of their own…Fucktards…Huawei is dead if this problem remains..😂

  14. This move will back fire for usa. Bye2 Google which has been dominating for too long.

  15. Untaxed online companies have costed many countries billions of losses.

  16. Should China Nuke America?
    Yes. Long time overdue.

  17. Can someone explain me how will Huawei manage to be relevant, should the ban for android remain in place?
    Microsoft didn’t manage to keep its WinOS.
    Nokia’s Symbian didn’t succeed.
    Blackberry OS failed.
    Samsung couldn’t push its own software, even after trying multiple times.
    The problem is not in the OS it self but in the App Store. You could even recreate similar platform to YouTube, but how will you create that much of an individual content, and the list goes on.
    So, can someone give an actual proposal how to sell Huawei phones, should the ban remain?

  18. Thanks Mr, Trump ban Huawei and save the Apple🤣😂

  19. Should Iphone consumers be worried in forking out close to 1k annually for a handset equivalent to a mid range device?

  20. al pacino…. "Huh ah"wei so coool

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