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Sollten Sie ein Huawei-Telefon kaufen? // Google verbietet Huawei

Die USA und jetzt Google hat Huawei verboten. Es wurde zuerst zur US-Entity-Liste hinzugefügt, und jetzt hat Google bestätigt, dass es Huawei keine Dienste mehr zur Verfügung stellen wird. Wo bleiben die aktuellen Huawei-Kunden und sollten Sie eines ihrer Telefone kaufen?

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  1. It’s sad to see Huawei getting shut down like this especially since no proof of spying has ever been produced by the American government but here we are. Let me know how you guys feel about this! Hit me up on discord if you have questions. Discord.gg/mattmoniz

  2. If Samsung can do it. So can Huawei. Stay Calm.

  3. From Denmark, huawei is the best!!!

  4. It took my broke, student loan paying ass 4 years to save up money to get a new phone and I got a Y5 2018 a few weeks AGO… WHERE WILL I GET THAT MONEY BACK?!

  5. Trump takes thing personal not professional. Ppl still feed his ego

  6. US. If u dont have destroy it others

  7. Yeah if they make their own os. And youtuber vedeo share. Am gana be first

  8. I hve a Samsung def getting Huawei next

  9. Great Trump- you save the world. My suggestion to world is Never ever believe chinese communist party!!!! it will be taking everything from you…

  10. Bloody nerd DT make bloody damn sure that no any of the products that he owned with the wordings made in China or assembled in China.

  11. China bans Google: …
    China bans Facebook: …
    China bans pretty much everything: …

    This is such a double standard hating on the USA for doing this. Whether you care about politics or not, Trump is for political reasons to benefit USA.

  12. I got honor 10 lite.. Hehe and gaming is good with this smartphone.. Oh yea

  13. Stop using i phone if you hate trump, and america, presently using sony but my next phone is huwei.

  14. Huawei 💪🏼💪🏼👊

  15. It is great to see that people are finally waking up! There is hope for a better world…..a different future. Peace!

  16. If you want your country to become a Chinese colony and have Chinese as your masters and owners, just buy Chinese stuff and support China. Chinese communists keep its own citizens in concentration camps, and maybe one day you and your family will finally get that chance to be sent to one as well.

  17. I will keep on buying Huawei

  18. we r ready to buy huawei phone, thk

  19. How much did apple pay naldo trump to ban huawei?

  20. Retarded nation, retarded president.
    China does not need Google, its a huge market and software products will come to China rather to USA. Business is business.
    Im owning 2 Huawei products and to be clear, im not planning to buy any other, just cause of Mafia style USA government.
    Im looking forward how you will buy Apple products 100% expensiver

  21. This is so sad, I was planning on buying the new p30 but now…

  22. No Huawei no worries, there are tons of Chinese brand phone to choose from. Oppo, one plus, Vivo, Xiaomi and other small brand etc etc. If they ban all Chinese phones, I have Nokia to back me up. Will never buy overprice Samsung and Apple phone.

  23. When one company is doing well it needs to be ban LOL

  24. Trump and China..
    Excited to see a very competitive fight btwn these two assholes. 😂

  25. I just bought P30 and i love it.

  26. I have P30 Pro,and I will buy one plus 7 pro and sell my iPhone Xs Max !

  27. Trump is running a scare campaign
    Ha ha Trumpet can try Huawei will have an answer
    They has produced their own OS
    Google Play Store will be replace by Aptoide
    They are producing their own chip set and cpu 😄😄😄

  28. TRUMP: Don't use your HUAWEI devices, they will spy on you!
    US: Well how do you know I even own one??
    TRUMP: Because I spy on everyone!
    US: WTF???

  29. In South Africa Huawei is the best 🏁🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  30. 中国有全球最大的智能手机市场!华为赢定了!未来中国也是全世界最大的消费市场!中国赢定了!

  31. Comparable to the whole world , Google banned in China and other allies under government blockade and its fully guilty .
    The China on the way produced instructor country , a lowest on humanity right after Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam
    Taiwan and Hong Kong frightening to Thiers vote independent and stops by vetoes

  32. I feel very bad, because I'm also a huwai user

  33. Trump will destroy Apple more… 29% sales market in china will lose + banning iphone production in china will increase the price of iphone… Such a stupid decision made by trump… Stupid orange fake hair… Maybe your brain fakes too…

  34. I am switching out from Google services. Not because of the fight between two nations, it is because Google chose to leave us behind. No more google.

  35. Samsung paid 2billion dollar to Donald trump, thats why the trump ban huawei, because huawei is going to be the best selling brand and number1 5g and 6g technology in the world. they dont want the chinese manufacturing company on the top of the list, thats why they ban Huawei…. Good Luck Huawei We like your manufacturing Phones,

    We like Huawei, And Always Buy Huawei Phones,Indeed We buy Apple And Samsung And we support Huawei….

  36. I smashed my Huawei phone into pieces after the CEO colluded with the CCP to imprisons Canadians.

  37. Yes you should. I love mine huawei p30 pro

  38. Is not good n fear with huawei mobile I'm belong to poor family my family do hard work and finally my birthday day my family give me huawei mobile but few day trum banned 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  39. That's why the Chinese govt did not let Google, Youtube, Facebook get into their country. So they developed their own "google", "youtube" & "facebook". Imagine if they did let them in, it would be disaster right now

  40. Another reason for me to not use American product.

  41. Huawei is the new BlackBerry10.

  42. if ever huawei would make own os .. google would loss.

  43. Here in the USA Huawei phones are terrible. So we really are not to concerned as we have Apple and Samsung and lg and Motorola. Much better phones.

  44. We are Huawei, we are CHINA!!! We do what we want!

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