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Sony Xperia 1 vs Galaxy S10 Plus Kamera Test Vergleich

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Sony Xperia 1 Detaillierter Kameravergleich SuperSaf Style
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Im Vergleich der Selfie-Kameras, der 4K-Triple-Rear-Kameras, des Autofokus, des Portrait-Modus und des Stereo-Audios des Samsung Galaxy S10 + und des Sony Xperia 1 werden sowohl Videos als auch Fotos mit Beispielaufnahmen in Innenräumen, im Freien und bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen aufgenommen.

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  1. Finally got around to this #SuperSafStyle! What did you think of the results?

  2. The rear camera stabilization on Xperia 1 is wonky, it's a clear difference between the two. But I'm not going to run that much or at all.

  3. sony Xperia 1 the best phone ever and camera!! genial!

  4. On s10+ it's "nicer" but it isn't real. These colours that Samsung creates just isn't the reality. I take a photo and do some makeup with ps and voilà a beautiful picture that is so colorful etc etc but it isn't the real thing I took a picture of. This is what Sony do, no makeups just the real thing, the real colours that you can see with your naked eyes. I think a great camera gives back the reality. And that is what happens on the display too, Samsung uses colours that aren't real everything is so "plastic", Sony displays colours that are familiar and that's why I like Sony much better 😁

  5. Sony gives original photo
    Samsung gives saturated photos

  6. why japanese technology is getting weaker in my opinion

  7. i’ve seen some other reviews
    of Xperia 1 and S10+
    Sony isn’t as bad as you’ve
    described, i know how good
    S10+ is to you, and i know too
    but just wanna say there are
    a few things you misjudged.

  8. I was so surprised by this video… My friend has the S10 and I have the Xperia 1. Regularly when shooting the same thing we can see that the Xperia is giving much more balanced and natural results. Plus it has a lot more options and manual controls.
    It really must be that you're just using it differently than me or you're biased.

  9. похоже что samsung , включена функция HDR ..

  10. only idiots will belive this review others sony win, and second video u should use x265 codec

  11. natural colors vs oversaturated ones

  12. Hey which us is gaming and new gen laptop under 2000 cad approx 1300 usd

  13. Super sef xperia 1 is giving the natural colours not like the brighter photos of s10+. Samsung always bright the photos and not shows the natural colours.

  14. "Better dynamic range"? The Samsung is heavily processed.

  15. Dynamic range goes for a toss on xperia

  16. Sony really sucks at mobile making.

  17. Trust me he didn't like sony. If you want a real review go to this https://youtu.be/qyWFxYX3F3w

  18. And you didn't show that The Xperia 1 can film slowmow at 1080p vs the 720p on the s10+

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