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Spanien baut 5G-Netzwerk mit Huawei-Ausrüstung aus

Spanien führt seinen ersten kommerziellen # 5G-Mobilfunkdienst mit #Huawei-Geräten ein und ist damit eines der ersten europäischen Länder mit dem ultraschnellen Mobilfunknetz in Europa.

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  1. The USA 🇺🇸 government has had 5g for years but they don’t know the long term affects on the human body. Let’s see if 🇪🇸 cancer rates increase good luck y’all 👍🏽 from Texas

  2. Literally the heart of Madrid?!!! You mean metaphorically

  3. the people in the EU is embracing nationalism
    as a way to protect their country but spanish people and the gov. are selling houses ,passport to the chinese and purchasing 5G goods from the chinese.
    Next time we know the unemployement in spain is locally made.

  4. Spain jas more fibra than us or china. More fibra than u. k., italy, france ang germany together. Thanks to Telefónica and…. Spain leader in tecnology and sports

  5. Congratulations spain! Shame on you Australian govt for being america's puppet! Now we're falling behind in technology terms……

  6. Finally some one with back bone .

  7. Spain has been using huawei 4g for many years, why they don't find security problem? US wants Spain ban huawei, it's fine, if you pay money for them to change everthing, they will do, but you will not.

  8. Spain is gonna to be invaded by the Americans soon

  9. Trump, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, little Marco Rubio must be shitting in their pants right now 😂😂

  10. We dont allow the Chinese to handle our satellite, why should we allow them to handle our telecommunication? Good for Spain!

  11. you have 5G sim card?

  12. Spain’s got 5G 🤣🤣 straight to the kkk’s head 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

  13. yes china found spains 5G spot. spain needs to bow down and submit her body and soul to the power of her chinese master

  14. Did the Spanish government look at all at the health associated effects of this tech?

  15. Thanks to chinese tech,very helpful for humanity.and US is so envious of this milestone achievement.

  16. This is what rest of the world is missing out on. Good on you Spain

  17. Friendly reminder: Right side sound channel of video was muted

  18. Spainards are definitely smarter than those in dumbfuckistan.

  19. Good on you Spain 5g does not matter who supplies

  20. Guess America can't get 5G yet. Still waiting for ATT to provide real 5G not just a 5G icon on their phones…..

  21. amazing video, who agrees ?

  22. Really nice reporter.

  23. Very soon Spain is gonna be awarded with democracy, freedom, the current dictator replaced with a cool puppet and as a bonus some economic sanctions.

  24. Good for Spring!! Support Huawei!! Against US terrorism!!

  25. TRUMP…….China China China…all I hear is China. I’m tired of hearing China. Ever since we brought war into Iraq under false pretenses and fighting our once support for terrorist group taliban to remove Soviet Union in Afghanistan, we have been hosed by China.
    TRUMP…… we ….US/England support colonization and support civil war for 50 years now in Africa. We have bases in djoubouti to flex our muscles so our investment in Saudi Arabia Amaco so the world will pay 3 time the amount for the oil, we build the largest laboratory and top secret bio labs in Kenya develop Ebola and top secret bio weapons. We build Nigeria oil fields and have these local exterminate mass killings. Because of Iraq, we have to leave these places.

    CHINA….We are here for trade and peace. Everyone benefit when we work together.

    TRUMP ….screw peace and the environment. I here for the piece of the action and profit from the backs of local people. In 2013, you Chinese brought peace into Nigeria with jobs, transportation, society and promise of technology to locals. Ethiopia with industrial zone for a land lock poorest country in Africa by rail transportation to Chinese djobouti port, mozembque agriculture. Ports in Kenya, west Africa. Your ruin my plans.

  26. I want 5G….now …😊😊

  27. Congrats Spain.
    Thanks Huawei.

  28. Spain has made the right decision knowing fully well that It is all American bull shit and propaganda

  29. Spain should unite Latin America to stand up to the US

  30. Trump 4 G old school is 10 years behind Huawei. That's a real reason why the US wants to ban Huawei to enter the US market.!

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