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Splash Home Mobile-Benutzeroberfläche Design Animation Adobe Xd zu Android Studio Tutorial

Entwerfen von Splash und Startbildschirm mit Adobe Xd für Android Studio mit Animation in XML und Java.

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  1. Error warning. Your page has an error

  2. Emang buat aplikasi kaya gt, pake bahasa apa

  3. people who are complaining about supporting different screen sizes, Go and learn Constraint layout first…

  4. mantull bang
    sukses terus, pake bahasa indonesia kenapa. biar enak ye kan

  5. For the people who are having problem with different screen sizes i found one solution which helped me a lot, i use one function to get the screen size of the user's cellphone, then i set some "if's" and re-adapt the splash screen based in that size

    Example :
    // it gets the screen's sizes
    DisplayMetrics dimension = new DisplayMetrics();


    int width = dimension.widthPixels;

    int height = dimension.heightPixels;

    //Then i created one toast to get the screen size and show me it
    if(height < 1000 && width < 1000) {

    Toast.makeText(this, "ALTURA : " +height+ "nLargura : " +width, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


    else {

    Toast.makeText(this, "ALTURA : " +height+ "nLargura : " +width, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


    //finally i created the if
    if(height>1500 && height < 2000 ) {



    } else

    if(height>800 && height < 1000 ) {




    i wish it can help you so much as helped me , Stay with GOD

  6. Nice. Thank you. Learned a lot of things.

  7. For the image on xml you could have changed the constraint view to Relative layout or linear layout and set the imageview to match parent on both width and height. For the animation you could have used fragments in the main activity and simply change the loaded fragment after a few seconds using handler

  8. It's not gonna work on all devices… whats the point of this "tutorial"

  9. Bang…coba kalau ad tutorial..buatin tutorial buat app responsive di android studio..terkdng ad hp yg panjang sama dngn lebar yang beda..pas ubah jenis hpnya lngsng amburadul

  10. It's completely waste of time, not explaining clearly and coding is just a mess, I guess it's better first learn how to program then start publishing videos.

  11. You could use scaleX and scaleY for the background image.

  12. this tutorial is reason why i love your ui design

  13. I am subscribing your channel because you are amazing, i love your tutorial man

  14. Hi good job sir
    But one confusion is…..
    Where I can download difference icons free and small sizes……..

  15. Why are you starting the animation on onCreate?, the view isnt showing on onCreate, use onStart or onResume.

  16. terima kasih banyak tutorianya sangat membantu 🙂

  17. Attribute android: Interpolator not found error
    Failed to linking

  18. Thu ne bathuku.. ami ra balraja sariga prepare aina tharvatha chepachu kadha ra…

  19. mas angga, nanti LinearLayout pada menus nya agar bisa di klik bagaimana ya, masih belum kepikiran, apa tetap menggunakan Intent panggil ID nya, saya masih bingung, masih belum paham konsepnya, help me

  20. all the best for u –_______________________

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