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Surface Duo auf den ersten Blick: Das faltbare Android-Handy von Microsoft

Microsoft hat uns diese Woche mit dem Surface Duo überrascht. Es ist das lang ersehnte Surface-Telefon, das seit Jahren gemunkelt wird, und in einer weiteren Überraschung wird Googles Android-Betriebssystem ausgeführt. Das Surface Duo verfügt über zwei 5,6-Zoll-Displays, die sich zu einem 8,3-Zoll-Bildschirm zusammenfalten lassen, und ist nur 4,8 mm dünn.

Microsoft Surface Neo auf den ersten Blick:
Surface Laptop 3 zum Anfassen:
Surface Pro X und Surface Pro 7 zum Anfassen:
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Top-Ankündigungen vom Microsoft Surface-Event:

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  1. Windows logo outside, shity android inside. Good job!

  2. I love the design of the duo and totally want one, but am I the only one noticing no outside camera on it? Did I miss that?

  3. This doesn't make any sense for a phone format but for a tablet format, YES. a foldable 16:9 screen tablet size. In fact exactly 16" x 9" would be perfect. Foldable to 8" x 9" easy to cary form factor. It could display a full 8.5" x 11" document or 8.5" x 14" document actual size.

  4. 2021&up: Surface Trio/QUAD – unfolds into a small widescreen TV.

  5. Can we please have all those promised Courier features included, finally.

    Courier, Courier, Courier.

    (Dances crazily on stage)

  6. it's like LG G8X thinq but not sure which is more convenient. I wonder if i can run steam games to that Neo

  7. This most ridiculous device i have ever seen

  8. For Microsoft, the vision is that all you’ll need one day are their bizapps, hosted and launched with Edge.

  9. Microsoft offering an Android phone I beat competitors didn't see that one coming.

  10. There were phones like that in the early 2000s just they were buttons instead of dual touch screens.

  11. This is a better version of LG G8X duel screen.

  12. look we should have a xl fold phone that with a keyboard case becomes a laptop

  13. Panos Panay sounds like some made-up villain name.

  14. Microsoft hardware game has improved

  15. For a phone surface duo seems not so practical. There is no front display for easy viewing of calls or text. Inside are horrible thick bezels that should of been slimed down maybe making the device a lot more smaller overall. I love the idea but the thought process seemed to not take its full course. This will be a major major fail unless Redesigned for a more sufficient use. No one wants to be out on the go and have to open just to see who is calling, texting, emailing, etc. oh but you may say well this is for a certain type of people so no need right? Wrong. Look at what happened to stubborn BlackBerry and years of lack to the mid to average consumer.

  16. This isn't a New Concept this is an extremely old concept. The concept of two separate screens being able to fold into one device what's introduce over 10 years ago when the foldable phone market first emerged and was being tested. It was a failure for over a decade until we created the technology to be able to bend the screen so we would have one continuous screen instead of two separate screens. I do like the phone but I wish it was one continuous screen that I could separate if I chose to. This product will absolutely be a failure and Microsoft should have known that. Version 2 will have one continuous screen. The 2 i remember are
    Kyocera Echo
    Medias W
    I had an Echo. This is what it reminds me of. Thinner and I'm sure much more powerful looks a heck of a lot better but that's what should be expected for what I consider a long-overdue upgrade.

  17. Yo quiero con Windows Phone qué mierdas eso de Android, Android es la competencia y ios es la competencia si sale a la venta con Android no lo compró

  18. When can we buy or pre order? Is this version the final version?

  19. People who say these phones with two screens are good are the ones who could not afford a Galaxy fold. LOL 🤣😂

  20. Finally a brilliant design!!! Android phone makers have stagnated in design side!!! Microsoft is bringing it's new design ideas to android universe!!!

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