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T-MOBILE versucht aber …

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  1. My man, I just stumbled across this. OUTSTANDING distillation of all this information to us. I am a TMo user and despite it's faults I overall love it. I can fully see TMo becoming the BIG gorilla 5 or 6 years down the road, maybe… Legere's attacks on AT&T, Verizon and that punk-ass Ajit Pai are coming back to haunt him BUT they also have to be careful how they attack TMo. My biggest "worry" if you want to call it that is TMo forgetting their "UnCarrier" vibe and just becoming one of the Big 3 abusive telecoms… SUBSCRIBED!

  2. I'm with tmobile and there bill is high my and it goes up and down I just dont get it I'm confused about what going with tmobile and sprint what is happening can somebody tell me?🤔🤨

  3. Remember the BREAK-UP of MA BELL…WHAT'S GOING ON???

  4. Yo you get a like and subscribe for having Ocean Views playing in the background. #RIPNipseyHussle #TMC We Miss You Bro 🏁🏁💯💪🏼💙💙♿

  5. The only people who use Sprint are in the demographics for: being generally stupid, poor, or saying "I'm gonna axe you…"

  6. This Merger will change the GAME of the wireless industry. ATT & VERIZON must be praying for it to not happen. As is it T-Mobile is making them run for their money. With merger they will have a really tough competition and T-Mobile wont stop innovating new ways to satisfy customers. So it will definitely be great for consumers for this Merger. I see a really good future for American Wirelsss industry

  7. The reason China is ahead, they do not have to go through this bureaucratic mambo jumbo to get things started. One reason all the wigets are made there.

  8. Agree with the last comment. They shouldn't have to lose what they have in place that's good for consumers but now caring for consumers is one top thing that's not in place. Hoping the Merger goes through.

  9. They all need to get towers out there were they have dead sports or build a phone that has a better intina the old phones that had a intina you pulled out of it worked better than the phone's now Days 😮🤔😐🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅

  10. At first I was against the merger cause I have TMobile which is exponentially better than Sprint and I know the added 53 million lines would cause more congestion, but then I was for it because the combined network would have 4 nr 5g bands between the two of them and the other carriers only have one each, so far. I don't care, but if they merge it's more likely I leave for Verizon or even att now that they're number one again

  11. This John Legere big mouth he he would only talk more professionally then a guy from the street with bad words the FCC what not play so hard was John legere

  12. Look this will happen people. Sprint is failing and wouldn’t last much longer if this didn’t happen. They have huge money problems. T-Mobile will save sprint and ultimately together, challenge AT&T and Verizon aggressively! In my area T-Mobile has the best speeds no doubt. I’ve been really impressed with them.

  13. Verizon and AT&T want to keep screwing the customers

  14. Terrible mobile, 6 months and they still haven't corrected their errors in my account, they keep promising over and over but nothing happened. Extremely terrible service.

  15. Sprint has the worst signal service to their phones I have ever seen It rain's And my news signal some time❗👎🏽🥴😡

  16. Goodbye Boost Mobile in Good by Metro T-Mobile is buying Sprint

  17. Metro Virgin and Boost will be bought by someone.

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