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Terraria Mobile 1.3 – Aktualisierungen für Überraschungsentwickler [iOS, Android]

Terraria Mobile 1.3 – Aktualisierungen für Überraschungsentwickler [iOS, Android] —
Loki erschien (soweit ich das beurteilen kann) zufällig auf dem Terraria Discord, um sich über die Entwicklung von Terraria Mobile 1.3 zu unterhalten, und ich hatte das Glück, zu der Zeit auf dem Discord-Server zu lauern.

Terraria Patch Notes (Ich denke Loki muss gemeint haben?):

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  1. Are these real answers from Loki?

  2. still waiting 4 Terraria 1.3 hahaha Cant wait im so Hyped!

  3. Do you think they are going to add
    Lunatic cultist
    Martion madness
    Mabe even moon lord

  4. I hate those controls… But it will have to do…

  5. This fuckin dev is killing terraria i want terraria 1.3 too fast possible fuck the bugs only want to play sry for bad inglish no im form USA

  6. The new controls Look insanely complicated

  7. Why are they taking so long?

  8. Lokis having another q n a rn in the discofd server boiiiiiiis

  9. Me: finds this channel and watches episode

  10. Is it for iPhones / iPads etc.

  11. Mobile 1.3 is in memeia 51

  12. Clicks on the Video

    Comments while watching…

  13. We gon wait for like thousands years for Terraria Mobile 1.4

  14. Will all our progress save with 1.3?

  15. Everyone joking about everyone joking about everyone clicking fast, like pls stop lol.

  16. It has been 108382934828394728485737482848484145 3922726252627284949483826251426384950594837261515262738494959875421245790865544589715442345 years.

  17. Next their gonna announce the release date of the release date of when they’ll announce the release date

  18. I don’t mind waiting all I want at this point is an update for newer iPhone devices like the iPhone x AND newer !!!

  19. You sneaky lurky bastard

  20. Almost done

    Problem appeared!!?!?!


    Another problem appears!!?!?


    Another problem appears!??!?!

    Updates again…….

    Another and another and another problem until terraria mobile 1.3 turned into succeed..

    Loki: finally it's over

    Fans: is there terraria in Wii??

    Loki: oh no..

  21. Did the came before or after the 1.3.1/1.3.2?

  22. YaY mY GRaNDcHilDrEN WIlL bE PLaYiNg TerRaRiA 1.3 mOBiLe

  23. according to you what month is the release?

  24. 1.3 update on mobile: exist

    Me: gOlDeN pEnGuInS eXiSts!!¡¡!!¡¡

  25. Why'd they have to change the controls that I've been using for 5 years? 😭😭

  26. Mobile players (me): FINALLY 1. 3 FOR MOBILE B*TCHES

    Developers: Well yes, But no

  27. Ive been watching your vids about 1.3 and thank you for the updates

  28. Will there be controller support tho?

  29. I swear if they release it early. I will stop playing…

    Mobile legends haha

  30. I can’t wait! Everyday I check my updates to see if it is out. I really am excited

  31. Well Its Too long to release so i Just bought stardew valley

  32. Im planning to buy terraria this week cause im tired of not legal app

  33. Guys Loki said he is gonna add the celestial towers

  34. Will this update have the Solar Tablets?

  35. I can fully agree with Loki's statement about not being able to put a percent of completion or release date on a game/update because I am also a game dev and can understand that when you are developing a game like Terraria you can't really put a release date or percent of completion on something like that because you don't have ground set content you're adding so it makes it difficult to give a release date or percent of completion especially on a game like Terraria

  36. Give the link of the 1.3

  37. I hope there will be ingame commands and mods for mobil

  38. I just wanna point out…

    How the hell do we beat Moonlord on a Phone..?
    I can barly get passed Round 30 in COD Zombies Mobile…

  39. * Look's at the New HUD for Terraria Mobile edition *

    * Slowly Smiles while Epona's song play's *

  40. since nobody has done it i will:
    WheN I SAw ThE NoTiF i ClICKEd aT THe SpEed Of LigHt

  41. I always get the terrarian and never get the celebration. I have no idea how lucky I am tho

  42. Loki can just got terrarian via abuse moonlord bag using duplication glicth at pc version

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